His Eyes are on You

Peter fastened his eyes upon the lame man laying at the gate called Beautiful. Any person who has been with Jesus will fasten their eyes on someone who needs something, so that they might get the mind of God in the situation. They will never take people's needs and lives for granted. True Christians who have been with Jesus are concerned and their hearts have been exercised toward compassion. They have been visited by grace and have executed their faculties to get to know God's love.

Christianity can become so mechanical and so routine. As you grow older in Christ, do not take the details for granted but take every moment as a moment to live. Take moments sacredly and joyously and fasten your eyes upon that which takes place in your life. Do not just walk by as you go to the temple and simply give the lame man alms. Purpose to point people in need to the power of God, to the faith that changes their destinies, and to the love that God imparts.

See as Jesus did. Jesus never just went by but He stopped and saw them. With multitudes of people pressing upon Him, Jesus stopped to answer the cry of a blind beggar who was considered useless. Do not think that Jesus takes your sickness for granted so that He will not impart life. Do not think that Jesus takes your incompatibility for granted. He doesn't. He loves, He listens, and He imparts life. His eyes are fastened on you.

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