His Heart in You

True men and women of God will recognize genuine compassion. A Christian has the capacity to love a stranger because Jesus Christ’s love constrains him (2). He is able to show kindness toward the unlovely, the sick, or the hurting because in Christ, there are to be no respecters of persons (3). It is only through His love that a person can experience legitimate tears of compassion.

It is His presence inside of us that motivates us to have these tears of compassion. As born again Christians, we have the indwelling Spirit (4). Also, consider the fact that the Holy Spirit uses us continually to edify the Body of Christ and to win the lost. We should acknowledge His presence several times each day. It is very important to understand that God will empower us for special responsibilities and tasks. Believers have access to the constant filling of the Spirit (5).

One facet of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life is to impart an awareness of the magnitude of the love of Christ for the lost, as well as His great concern for the needs of man (6).

Many times God’s compassion is expressed through the life of the believer when he is abiding in the Spirit and motivated by divine love. Allow God to express His heart through you by constantly acknowledging the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life.

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