His Word — Our Life

As a child of God, all of God’s promises belong to us. For us to receive all the gifts that Christ offers, we must look to the Scriptures, learn of their content, and appropriate what we find. The Word of God, is rich with promises that have already been made, but how will they benefit us if we do not know about them?

If a man with a ravenous hunger were offered the opportunity to eat as much as he wished from a cuisine of fine food, do you think that he would refuse? Would he say, “I do not have the time right now”? Most assuredly he would not! The Word of God is the food we need not only to sustain our spiritual life (2); (3), but to cause us to grow up into “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13). There are many provisions stated in the Bible that will take care of any area of life in which we are lacking.

If a person feels unloved, lonely, insecure, bitter, hurt, if he has been rejected, or if pressures and details in his life seem to be more than he can handle, he will find in God a present help in trouble (1). So, look to God’s Word and the provisions which He has already made for us. His Word is our very life.

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