His Yoke is Easy

Athorough study of Scripture reveals so much about yokes. Since ancient times, yokes have been used with animals such as oxen to help farmers manage the tasks of plowing and pulling loads. What is not so obvious is that when two oxen are yoked together, even though they are side by side, one is always leading the other. This is always the case. And when we are yoked up with Jesus, He is always leading us while we are very close to His side.

He speaks as we go forward, “My yoke is easy.” Has your yoke been easy this week? Has your burden been light? Jesus knows every weakness, each problem we face. He speaks again: “You shall find rest unto your soul.”

There is rest for the weary soul. When you want to ask the question, “What can I do in my marriage?” the answer is very simple. You yoke up with Christ. It is between the Lord and you.

His yoke is sure. It breaks the yoke of the old sin nature and the yoke of the world system. If you want to know how to overcome the demonic world and all of its strongholds in your life, it is by yoking up with Jesus.

Yoking up with Jesus is the answer to everything!

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