Holding Forth What You Hear

You must seek not to be who you think yourself to be, but who the Word of God knows you are. One who has a life that is emotionally based in self will find great difficulty in remaining stable. Emotions outside of God's mind react to what is projected toward them. These emotions have no security or stabilizing force, but are tossed about by the principalities and powers in the air.

The projections of the devil often are presented through human contact with those who are captive to the devil's will and used as instruments of unrighteousness in a battle against truth. We see beyond natural humanity into supernatural victory over the devil. We do not defend our flesh and blood rights when we are challenged. We make an offensive communication of truth, an open show of all that God's victory includes. Our victory is an inheritance, given to us through the purchase of the Blood.

God does not want us to stand in defense, but to rest under His shadow (Song 2:3), receiving His life that will be offensive with expressed truth. Under the covering of God, we begin to experience the fruit of our position, blessings commanded forevermore (Psalm 133:3). We no longer experience situations or the adversities that may accompany them, but we experience being in God's love. It is now a great delight to be challenged by the Word because we have found the fruit of every Word from God to be sweet to our taste.

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