Hope Foundation for Stability

It is by patient endurance that one gains mastery over his own soul (2). Hope is the great stabilizer of our soul which creates boldness, frankness (3), and dogmatic conviction. From this stability of soul comes the reflection of inner beauty. The woman of God is especially marked out as being beautified by the possession of hope as is revealed in I Peter 3:5. The women of old hoped in God and beautified themselves with inner beauty of the soul..

It is the possession of this hope that makes a person a sound and stable soulwinner as Peter says, “But in your hearts set Christ apart as holy (and acknowledge Him as Lord). Always be ready to give a logical defense to any one who asks you to account for the hope that resides in you but do it courteously and respectfully” (I Peter 3:15, Amplified).

The hope that we possess as members of the body of Christ, in union with Christ and in the age of grace, is superior hope to any other age and to any other group of people. Hebrews 7:19 calls it a better hope, founded on better promises, a better covenant (6), and a superior sacrifice – Christ Himself (7). May our lives be set apart by this hope and be revealed through our lives

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