Hope Produces Stability

Hope is derived from the Scriptures (2), which contain the many promises of God that are guaranteed because of His immutability (3); (4), His justice (5), and fulfilled by omnipotence (6). Hope is confidence that we will never be severed from the love of God in Christ Jesus (7). It is confidence in God’s providence and in God’s veracity to honor what He has said He will do (8); (9).

The believer who possesses the inward certification of his election (10); (11), and his sonship (12); (13), also possesses a deep sense of destiny. This sense of destiny is hope. When coupled with the Christian’s security based on his orientation to the finished work of Christ, there is a basis for him to love the Lord, and people. Therefore, he is complete in his experience of the abundant life in Christ (1). Faith, hope and love are operative in Him (14); (15).

This Christian who is loved by God permanently, and knows it, in turn loves the Lord (16). He knows he is in the perfect plan of God, and that God does and will work all things together for that believer’s ultimate good (9). This establishes great stability of soul.

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