Hopeless and Headless

The enemy wants to leave you headless. When Satan can keep you from drinking the portion of the government of the Body, you are left without direction and order in your portion of life. You know how you can live in that humanity without its Adamic effects, and yet you are unable to grow in what you know and to live that you might give. You function without the fullness of God’s mind bringing life. People cannot proceed forth as a river of life unless they are under the flow of God’s thought from the Throne.

If you are kept from drinking of the Body’s person and are without divine headship, your life becomes one of individuality outside of corporate truth. You begin to think you have everything to give. Your listening processes only use themselves out of human kindness so then in turn you can say something to others about what you think.

Though the government of the Body be discredited by one, it is recognized by many according to the faith of God’s elect. Paul was an apostle according to the faith of God’s elect. If people did not believe him to be an apostle, then they did not receive his ministry. He was still an apostle whether they believed or not because he was commanded to be by God.

The minute we fail to receive by faith what God has made someone, we will not receive his ministry. Profit from the portion of another by recognizing in faith his divine position in God.

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