The Secret to Rising Above the Difficulty and Finding Strength from God

I never realized how much my life was centered around convenience. Hop in the car at midnight and go to Walmart for anything I needed. 7 minutes to school. A stove that lights by itself when you turn the knob. A shower whose shower-head is attached to the wall.

It is a part of my mentality, a statement of my own personal culture. I always thought of myself as a tolerant, patient person… relatively speaking, that is. But being here in Budapest, where life is slower and less “convenient”, has shown me that, actually, I’m not as amazing as I thought.


I am being stretched, pulled out of my comfort zone in the details of life. Sometimes it takes 10 matches to get the stove to light. Sometimes I get everything together to do my lesson plans… the paper (which has 4 holes and doesn’t fit into the binders that I brought), the folders, the markers, the pencil (because I can’t find that darn pen). I muster up all my Teacher energy and sit down to get to work…. and find that the mechanical pencil is empty. No lead to be found.

Choose Your Thoughts

These kinds of things happen on a daily basis. Some would call it “culture shock.” Some would say that life here is just more difficult. Difficult. This word has been looming over my head like a dark cloud. Is it part of the culture? Is it in the air? The language, the people, the lifestyle… the red-tape and road blocks and rules? Well. I choose to think differently. I accept the challenges and choose to look for their meaning. There is always something more.I choose to think differently. I accept the challenges and choose to look for their meaning. Click To Tweet


It seems to me that language tells a lot about people. The Hungarian language is fascinating. It is unique, and requires a thought process that breaks things down differently. The general idea of a word is simple if you can pull it apart and break it down the right way. The people here have given me the same impression. They are amazing, strong, determined, and passionate people. They are thinkers and are waiting to be known and understood (like all of us).

Finding His Strength

I am learning from this place, these people. I am determined to rise above the cloud of difficulty and think bigger. I am determined to learn and grow and love. I will smile at people, and they will smile back. I will fumble my way through Hungarian grammar and make someone’s day brighter by my efforts. And in turn… as I pour out what I have received, I will be filled. Filled with peace, with joy, and with wisdom for my comings and goings. Not because life here is convenient, but because I have found strength that surpasses the challenges. The Lord has made the mountains into valleys for me, and there is no place on earth I would rather be.

Foreign Missions has taught me the secret to rising above the cloud of difficulties and of finding strength from God.

Nikki Colby

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