How Many Barns Built?

How many thoughts do we exercise in reason to reveal that we do not trust God? How many barns do we build to hold provision for our future? It is important to realize that in reality we possess nothing, for the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. How many truly can yield to His sovereignty and say, “Blessed be the name of Lord?” People somehow imagine that they can store up for themselves natural provision for security. But natural security can so easily be shaken and removed because it is not contained in the immovable heavenly kingdom.

Man never has to prepare anything if he lives in that which has been prepared in God’s Kingdom. He may seem impoverished in terms of natural securities, but he is rich in his faith toward God. Wouldn’t you rather have Heaven open to you because of faith than to have barns full of natural provision because of what you imagined you would need by sight? Live in terms of what God has prepared so you can experience faith in God. The Gospel events could be termed as reckless because of the strange events concerning the lives of the disciples. Men did strange things in natural terms when they were called by God. They had unique obedience. Why? Because they were called by faith. Faith will never call you with normal provision.

Faith will come naked of anything but its own nature of life. Trust in the Person Who gave the call, and you will never have to build another barn.

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