Humility Gives a Habitation

The last Corporate Revival will be a Word of God Revival. A Word Revival cannot cease because of Matthew 24:35. God will pour out signs also as the manifestation of the power of His Word as it ministers its life toward others to meet their need. It is not a revival based upon a man but based upon a Body quickened with the Word, a Body that allows grace to perform what unconditional love has done.

Jesus Christ needs a place to pour out His Spirit as He desires. He needs a certain kind of habitation because of His character and grace. The root of the problem that would keep God from preparing that habitation is a lack of humility.

God desires a Body of believers who will humble themselves in the Word. The reason there are so many differences among hearts is because humility is lacking. It is a spiritual law of life that the measure with which we submit to God will be the measure of the intensity of God’s anointing.

Our heart is involved in the release of God’s life. Jesus will not pour out revival. That is not the real meaning of revival. In Acts 2, He poured out the Spirit, but God will not reproduce that because the Spirit is already here. The Corporate Revival is not a pouring out but a releasing of what has been poured out. We no longer wait for something to come, but we come into agreement with something that is.

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