“I Am Life”

Anyone who enters into the sheepfold must enter in by Jesus Christ. A person who enters in finds pasture. He finds a place of rest, a place where he shall not want. As he grows, he finds a local church that teaches the whole counsel of God, Finished Work Bible doctrine-the pasture of the Word of God.

This is a provision of the abundant life Jesus came to give us. He is the life-giver. You can always tell where someone is in his walk with God by how he accepts what God gives: abundant life.

Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am life!”

Be around Christ and receive His life. Be around Christ, and you will know who to follow and what to do. You will not have an existence of striving and struggling in your emotions, your lust patterns, and your old sin nature. Christ came to crucify and bury all of those things. Be around Him and His people, and you shall have life!

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