I Possess Nothing

Satan tries to possess people to keep them from being possessed by God. People try to possess others and though they will not acknowledge it objectively, they execute their projections subjectively in efforts to bring others into bondage that keeps them from Christ's liberation. When one party in a marriage begins to move for God, the other tries to possess the spouse to keep him or her from growing in divine possession. This party finds ways to keep the other from Christ by stirring a bad attitude toward the Body of Christ. The end desire is to bring the other party into a ministry where the Cross is preached, but submission is ignored.

People seeking signs ought to seek Christ that they might be a sign of resurrection. One group seeks signs without experiencing the sign of the Cross in their own lives. They are living off of experience in self instead of allowing the Cross to remove self and to replace it with life that lays itself down for others.

People are occupied with what they possess, whereas God is occupied with who possesses them. The less we hold to be our own, the more we will be held by Christ's life. People want to be saved, to love Christ, and to express Christianity, but they do not want the Cross. The Cross makes a claim on their lives and nullifies what they possess in natural rights. When we stop trying to possess what we cannot keep, then Christ will possess what He cannot lose.

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