Identification with Truth

The Bible is clear cut. You either live in the wages of self or you live in a gift of eternal life. Whatever you are living in and you choose to live in is up to you. If you live in the wages of self, you have constant bondage in death. But if you choose to live in the gift of eternal life, you always live in a gift and you never have to worry about any wages. If you strain and go through turmoil, then you are paying the wages of something that has already been dealt with by God. You are living in the very effects of not accepting God's cause. If you live in the effects of the wages of self-life, then you do not experience the gift of God's cause, which is unconditional forgiveness, a new self-image, and the permanent declaration of our security in God's total presence and promise.

People have a problem with identification which gives them a problem with their identity. In the New Testament days, there was a line of demarcation between the believers and the unsaved. It was clear cut. You were either a born again Christian who was persecuted and spent time behind prison bars, a person who was blamed for all that went on in every factor of society, or you compromised and went along with the world and kept your mouth shut so you could get along peacefully.

Live in a clear-cut identification with what Christ has done, bringing you into a clear-cut life that bears His identity no matter what the consequences.

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