Who are you Michael? And I begin to talk about Christ: I am a man who is eating the Bread of Life: Jesus Christ. I am walking in The Way by the Light of World: Christ and Christ again. I am clay on a wheel being molded as it pleases the Potter: Jesus Christ yet again. This is so satisfying to speak this way, so pleasing. I am defined by God, in terms of Christ.

I am a man counseled and shepherded and governed by Christ. I am a particular part of Christ’s Church, His Inheritance, His Bride. God has fit me into Christ; His is the Body I am a member of. I live by His faith and am called by His name: Christian. Jesus found me and will not lose me; He will never let me go.

Let us talk of Christ Jesus when you meet me: the Word I speak and the Life I live. I am redeemed by Christ, saved by Christ and delivered by Christ. I am wise with Christ and He is my righteousness. Jesus defends me, advocating for me, and I need no other defense.

I am not a man making my own way, giving myself a name that I have imagined. I do not pull myself up by my own bootstraps, but it is Jesus that lifts me up, it is Christ that lifts up my head. I will not present myself to my Heavenly Father, but Jesus will do that. I am accepted, in Christ.

Have you accepted the faith of Christ as your own? Then all these things are true of you as well, and they remain. I will think of you and speak of you in this way; the Spirit will help me, because this is what He declares you to be, and more. I am adopted, by God, with you. When deceivers speak to me of you with contrary words, I will reject them; we are being made one by the Father in answer to the prayer of our Captain.

We have gone through the Door that is Jesus Christ, on this side of that Door He is my Brother and He is yours. May He be rejoicing in you and I together; He prayed for that. Let us be God’s answer.


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