Idle Words

God is in heaven listening every time we speak. Our speech is often vain and empty, demonstrating our inability to evaluate. Again, listen to these words “not that we are sufficient in ourselves to evaluate anything, this evaluation originating from ourselves…” It is impossible for the Word of God to be more clear on this vital point. It is so simple, yet so profound. No human being has the slightest capacity to analyze anything. How many of our daily evaluations come directly from our own limited viewpoint? Whenever our thoughts come from God, our words on earth will always be few. Much of our conversation is filled with opinions expressed about life, stemming either from personal experience or subjectivity.

This is a fantastic principle. Usually, when someone evaluates a subject or a person, his opinion stems from his own resources because of personality, experience, temperament or education. Many times he lacks the proper education and passes judgment out of ignorance. Let us keep in mind this key verse: “But our sufficiency has its source in God who also made us sufficient as those who minister a testament, new in quality, not of the letter, not of the law, but of the Spirit, for the letter and law kills but the Spirit makes alive” (II Corinthians 3:5b-6 Kenneth Wuest).

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