If Came the Choice…

In the days ahead will come the intensity of the devil’s attack. People will be forced to reveal Christ or to reveal a compromise that does not go through the Cross. Some people will face situations over and over until by choice they withdraw to the easy road. They will not make a stand as the three Hebrew boys did. By sight these boys were to face death. But by faith they had found an opportunity to declare Christ. By faith they revealed the Son who was in them. Their testimony overcame the enemy, and the provision of God overcame the circumstances. Their personality did not dominate the Word. Their emotions did not regulate their mind. Their fears did not paralyze their capacity. They lived in an eternal life that could not be consumed.

How many want to conform to death, to take the popular route of substitutes not life, of peace not beyond understanding, of superficial effects, and of natural release for natural emotions? How many people run from a personal cross and begin to interpret the Cross according to their own personal desire? How many want the jail at midnight, the lions’ den, and the Isle of Patmos?

If we were to choose the situation, would we choose who, when, and where? Would we choose what would be best for human life to survive instead of death so resurrection could reign? Grace will give us the choice to go forward in obedience so we become an epistle in decision to reveal grace.

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