Illness Need Not Offend Me

A pastor, during missions convention, spoke of our afflictions (which oftentimes plague us), and he asked this question: Are you going to compare your affliction with the glory of God?

When I ignore that question, I end up speaking more of my affliction than I do of my deliverer. I wake up greeting my affliction rather than my comforter. I come close to worshipping the affliction more than my God.

I am told that my afflictions are light, and for a moment. How long is that moment? It depends on who I am with. If I am with the One to whom a thousand years is as a day, then the moment is passing quickly!

I need to speak with God concerning the weight of my affliction, I need to hear Him concerning the weight of glory. Jesus said “Come unto me all ye who are weary and heavy laden…” His rest is here for you and I.

When I become sick, when any believing child of God becomes sick, we immediately have a new, precious ministry set before us. By the Spirit and word of God I may minister joy in the midst of physical misery; I may minister peace in the face of great uncertainty.

While I receive all the comfort and encouragement and edification that God wants to pour out to me through my brothers and sisters, I may at the same time be a joint of supply that testifies of the great goodness and kindness of God: an expression of faith in the midst of temptation.

Illness need not offend me; I may be as delighted with God while my body suffers as when it is strong and vital. We have the Lord, He is always able to overwhelm those things that come against us.

Because of the presence of God, I am delivered in faith before that can be seen by sight. I was delivered of leukemia long before I was healed of leukemia.

Jesus, thank you for your help so that we may believe these things.

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