Imaginations Against Faith

Do not let thoughts exalt themselves above what God says in His Word. Satan always wants to attack the possibilities you have in your God-given potential. He views the incapacities man has, magnifies them, and then presents them in proportion to a seed of faith. By sight the odds may look overwhelming, but all is in your favor because of an inheritance.

Satan says, you will not make it with God; your weakness is too great. That is an imagination against faith, a thought that tries to exalt itself against the knowledge of God that you can do all things through Christ (Philippians 4:13). I receive Christ’s strength in the midst of my weakness to reveal a Kingdom, a God, a treasure.

Do not allow resentment to exalt itself against the forgiveness of God toward other people. Revenge that thought with the thought of unconditional love. Cast down all that would exalt itself against love because you obey God’s thoughts in love. Be disciplined in the thoughts of God. If I do not cast down imaginations and high things, I will live with the wrong thoughts. Those thoughts will destroy my capacity to think, leaving open the field of my emotions.

Your mind is a field controlled by thoughts rebellious to the Master’s will. Yet after the death of a Son, destroying the power of the self-life of man, the field will bring forth fruit according to the thoughts of God (Matthew 21:33-43; Mark 12:l-10).

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