In All Thy Ways

When I am tempted, I can either subdue self and confess theology, or I can believe in God and acknowledge Him with all my heart and experience His life through faith. God will not make the choice for me, for God has already chosen to give me grace. God will not provide another experiential way to escape. He has already given me His life. Will I choose His power and execution? Some wrestle and call that life, but God gives Calvary and resurrection and calls it abundant life. We are to acknowledge God in all our ways. We do not just plan to take so much and no more, but we live constantly in the reality of Christian practicality in human response.

Some people make a declaration for God and against the devil but never experience Christ as their provision. The provision is that our will allows His will to execute His life through our weakness and allow the activity of His mind to apply the wisdom of His knowledge in the frailty of our capacity. Then, we never have to subdue our life with knowledge, but we just through faith acknowledge Him in all our ways.

We are called out of self-life and called into a life in the heavenlies, which calls us to a life of love on earth in the Holy of Holies. We live there as watchmen inside the veil with Christ and without the occupation of self, sin, condemnation, or guilt. We live beyond self, gloriously excelling and exceeding in grace.

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