In an Ordered Step

Do I ever see persecution as a means for God to work suffering in my life, to affect me with His authority during that suffering so that the authority in my life may be effectively God’s? Joseph had been lied about, but that never once caused him to falter or to go into a remission from believing God.

He reigned effectively because he suffered relevantly. If you are rejected and misunderstood, do not react, but take all thoughts into the captivity of a Cross. You will have the authority of God’s nature and the attributes to fulfill God’s plan. The average Christian never learns to suffer well. He reacts against those whom God brought in His sovereignty.

Without the acknowledgment of a sovereign plan, man has no control over his own flesh as it plans its revenge mentally and emotionally. What was allowed in the plan so that one might see God has now turned to a display of Adam. Joseph suffered well, so he reigned well. He had the wisdom to accept sovereignty without challenging God’s purpose. He could identify with the guilty. “You may have sold me from human viewpoint,” said Joseph, “but really God sent me to preserve life.”

If our eyes, emotions, and heart are fixed on God, believing in the sovereignty of having our steps ordained, we will never charge others with the consequence of the plan, but instead we will say, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” You will never have a problem with any situation if you believe that all is of God and for your sake.

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