In Defiance of Defense

Stephen, the deacon of the Book of Acts and the first Christian to die a martyr’s death, gave a stunning example of defenselessness. A Christian who is full of the Holy Spirit need never defend the faith.

Truth is never threatened by challenges. Only the faithless feel a need to defend their beliefs. The operation of the Holy Spirit is varied and diverse, however, a defense of truth is never part of it. Truth is progressive because it is rooted in Life. Truth is revealed progressively through the Corporate Body and confirms the life that we have been given. For us to defend Christ’s life is needless.

Christians full of faith can afford to be offensive with the truth of the Life that they have. Given an opportunity to defend himself, Stephen laid aside defense and took up the sword of the Spirit. The blow of truth he dealt cost him his life, but that was of no consequence to him because, throughout his ordeal, he beheld the One Who lives.

When you refuse to defend your faith but rather express it, you open a door through which the conviction and loving power of the Holy Spirit can flow.

Stand in defiance of defense. Never answer the devil’s questions. Run him through with the sword of the Lord. An attack is conquered not with defense, but with counterattack. Be offensive in your presentation of truth. Either you are in truth, which is absolute, or you absolutely are not.

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