In Honor Prefer

No matter how intimate the friendship, and despite the fact that he was one soul with David, Jonathan was always to honor David as the anointed king. Their intimacy in friendship never took honor away from God’s delegated position. People have particular positions, but these do not magnify the people. The positions magnify the people’s responsibilities to fulfill the plan and purpose ordained for them in the individual, personal, delegated authority given. Just as we honor the delegated authority because of Christ, so too do we honor each other because of Christ. He has positioned Himself in us and we honor that life. We honor each other as we would honor Christ. Each person is our body, flesh, and bones.

When we think of another as our Body, we think of the love in his soul, the purpose in his heart, the power in his countenance, and the sacredness of his life. Look at others in the sacredness of who they are in Christ. God is living inside that body, even if that person is not performing to the ultimate expectation. How many of us would attack a mother bearing a child? We respect and honor that which is within before it is delivered. Do not gaze on others with the familiarity of human frailty. No matter who it is, gaze at them as seeing a sacred vessel that God has inhabited in time to reveal eternity. If we are truly Spirit-filled, we will not know other Christians after the flesh, but our life will be one of divine evaluation.

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