In Lowliness

A mental attitude that esteems others better in the humility of the mind of Christ is the attitude that brings the beginning of authority for that person. For the measure in which I esteem others better than myself will be the measure that God esteems me in the authority of delegation. So many say it, but how many really mean it? Scores of groups have never gone beyond the comprehension of the letter of the law government which they have received from some literary expression of what it could be.

God wants us to look on the things of others, meaning that we enter into what other people are going through and put ourselves in their place. Transactional analysis takes over and we actually take on the person’s feelings and his mind as he is in the trial. You esteem him better than yourself by putting yourself at his disposal to experience all the grief and heartache of his situation. You do not have indifference toward the person. You have love. You do not come out of the situation hurt, thinking he hurt you or said something wrong. But you come out as the ointment that heals the wounds wherein he was hurt. Looking on the things of others is a road to amazing authority.

See that you are able in the performance of God’s delegated love to experience the other person’s burden and bear it. The humility of love has not a single thing against the other person but the privilege of identification, which is the essence of the redemptive union.

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