In Nothing Am I Ashamed

God said that He has made us righteous. God will make us to become what He has already made us to be. When sin abounds, does judgment abound much more? When sin abounds, does the law and our attempts to do better next time abound much more? Or, when sin abounds, does God's wrath abound much more? Is this the covenant that we have been called unto? No, not at all. The Bible teaches that we reign through thick and thin. Grace is always over us as well as under us (Romans 6:14, 5:2). Righteousness has been imputed to us and now we are always on the road to regaining lost territory.

The Bible teaches that as sin has abounded, grace does much more abound. Christians are always to regain lost territory. Win Christ and experience soul-winning when you don't know how to soul-win. Win Christ and experience praying when you are tired, weary and weak. Win Christ and experience building up the Body when you are easily intimidated, prone to withdrawal, shyness and insecurity. These territories are won back when we are inexperienced or have failed over and over again.

Grace guarantees us success. As sin abounds, grace does much more abound. Never do we yield to lost territory or its effects. Instantly recover the death of lost territory by standing in its midst with Life. As my sin abounds, grace and life regains the territory I lost. I become redemptive in every step of my life and in absolutely nothing am I ashamed.

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