In Terms of the End

Because of love not a single thing in the universe could ever stop the mercy of God from gathering His people in the midst of their reaction and their refusal to be His. Realize the thoughts that God has toward you-thoughts not to punish or vex or to separate you from His true character and the nature of His covenant. Practice in meditation, in subjective worship, and objective study to begin to know God's thoughts.

His thoughts are not our thoughts. His thoughts are thoughts of peace-thoughts of peace because He will not forsake His covenant of peace and therefore He always thinks of us in terms of our expected end. Then, to bring us to the experience of that expected end, He always performs that which He has begun. He has a plan and He has called us by sovereign grace. We merited nothing to be called. But He called us, received us by grace, lives within us by grace, and has an expected end for us, an end that is not judgment but peace. His entire plan is to reveal Who He is in our lifetime, and for us to capture His thoughts through that revelation. Through the revelation of His thoughts, His nature is formed inside of us.

Come into the heart of God's thoughts of peace. Because of God's thoughts toward you, even failure is a means of knowing love and living in the nature of holiness to replace the consequence of that failure. God's thoughts give you an expected end in victory and leave the sin in its end of death and defeat.

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