Consider the analogy of a frog sitting in a water pot. He is use to his environment, but subtly and unaware, the water is steadily heating up, and he is being slowly cooked! Subtle changes that we “learn to live with” we don’t feel the outcome right away until it is too late!

 When thinking of the human heart, influences  have everything to do with our condition and function.  The ups and downs of life can make us pliable or harder, depending on our proximity to Jesus.


Hardening of the heart can be a slow and methodical process. Things that are meaningful and sacred can be lost because of an attitude of indifference. Click To TweetGod allowed pharaohs heart to get hardened in Exodus 9:12 because he kept rejecting Moses plea. Pharaoh was self consumed and arrogant.

Here are some ways indifference can creep in and make us calloused:

  1. Holding on to things you can’t change
  2. Fighting for Control
  3. UNforgiveness
  4. Flirting with Sin



Meditating and massaging the truth about Gods character and nature keeps us from false burdens and wrong thinking. Grace can “harness” our hearts, and lead us in his divine steps. As we fellowship with Grace, it insulates and keeps us spiritually hydrated. Click To Tweet

Reversing the heat and the hardening process starts with recognizing and acknowledging what motivates and drives us. We always have a place before God to vent; God loves to hear our cry.  His counsel will tenderize us and give divine perspective.

Here are 3 ways to staying pliable and flexible.

  1. Honesty.  Be real with yourself and others. No excuses.
  2. Transparency. No hiding – surrender unresolved conflicts. Let go.
  3. Vulnerability. Take a risk and communicate your heart. Take the step to be known.

Thanksgiving hydrates and revitalizes our spirit. Click To Tweet Hebrews 3:15 “… “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts …” As we are look to Jesus and surrender our pain, He gives us “Beauty for ashes, oil of joy instead of mourning and the garment of praise rather than heaviness… Isaiah 61:1-4.  This renewal,  in the SPIRIT of your mind,  shows us what to hold on to, and what to let go of.  Feed on divine absolutes and God will give you a purposed mission and a healthy heart.

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