Inherit a Blessing

Are you ready for this? There are Christians who are faithful church-goers, yet they hate people. They would never confess that, but it’s true. Some deliberately try to cause trouble while others may only be angry with another person. But the Bible says that if you are simply angry with a brother, it is as though you killed him (Matthew 5:21-22). Instead of hating, rendering evil for evil and railing for railing, we are called to inherit a blessing when people hurt us.

The Lord is saying to us, “Listen! He who knows the commandments of love and keeps them by grace through faith is a person who loves me. I will love him and manifest myself to him. I will make myself known to him intimately, personally, and in a unique way.”

This is the Word of God regarding this aspect of love. It is so important that we do not hold one thing against anyone. We may have disagreements, but we shouldn’t have a single thing in our hearts against anyone. Inherit a blessing by choosing to love.

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