Intimacy in Prayer

God wants intimacy in prayer. He doesn’t want us praying out of religious duty. That is not prayer. There has never been a true work of God without an assembly that really grasps the subject of prayer. People will not be added to the Church daily, and there will never be miracles of compassion and love until this is understood.

When you have a problem, fight the good fight of faith. Don’t try to fight it with your emotions or by bringing up the past. Stand in the will of God and claim one specific promise after another. Set the Lord before your face and you will not be moved (Psalm 16:8). The righteous shall not be moved. We learn to be utterly dependent on Jesus Christ because of a personal, intimate relationship with Him. Every other relationship I have comes after Christ.

Ask yourself some questions: Have you prayed specifically? Is your prayer based upon a specific promise? Do you make declarations of precise faith? Have you already received the answer based upon the character of God-even when you can’t see it, feel it, or experience it? Is it your greatest desire to delight in Him? That is the key to having a rich prayer life.

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