Invest in Doctrine

It is possible to shine as one of God’s stars against the atmosphere of Satan’s kingdom. Remember Daniel 12:3a, in eternity “we shall shine as stars forever” as chandeliers of love, as God’s eternal mood reflecting the Son’s grace.

If a person has areas of dishonesty or weakness, he must overcome them by living by every Word of God, by deliberately being set apart, and by walking in the filling of the Holy Spirit. Through the Word, we are enabled to overcome any problems we may have in the areas of lust, old habits, exaggeration, anxiety, anger or jealousy. We are delivered from evil through the Word, not through the cross. The cross delivered us from sin and its penalty, and the Word of God delivers us from Satan’s systematic strategies of evil. Faith, the Spirit and prayer are all cooperating factors in our progressive deliverance from evil.

A man who puts his investment in this doctrine will change his soul. He will have maximum strength, instead of having one of the four lust patterns: approbation, power, sensual, or material (2). We can put off those lust patterns by choosing to go to the cross and the Word, as we grow in child-like faithfulness. Then we will reflect God’s grace.

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