Jack Phiri

His eyes are always filled with compassion (I guess after having ten children in one of the poorest places on earth you might learn a thing or two about compassion). His clothes are mismatched, old and worn, but he brings such dignity to them that they might as well be right off the shelves of the finest New York City department store. His English is incomprehensible, but it always makes me laugh (apparently when he speaks in his native tongue he can’t be understood either). We all have our quirks, but what really matters is our character. Jack is a man of great character.

This year he made the bus trip to Zambia for the Greater Grace Conference, ZamCon.

He sat quietly, hands folded, and in his suit, for the entire 12 hours. Click To Tweet In his own way he was excited, like kid on the way to Disney for the first time.

In these difficult third world places people don’t grow old. They never get the chance. Jack, at 65, has somehow managed. He is the oldest full time Greater Grace Bible College student in Malawi, and Bible college seems like more of a beginning for him. I asked what he wanted to do after Bible College, and he said simply, “I’ll go wherever God takes me.” He is just one example of the beautiful brothers in Christ in Malawi.

-Matt Sliva


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