Jesus Christ Promotes the Humble

In studying the humility of Jesus Christ, it is easy to see why He never sinned. He wasn't seeking glory, and He derived His entire human existence from the life of the Father. If we would refuse to seek our own glory by living a derived life, even as sinners saved by grace, we would cut sinful behavior down to a minimum.

The Lord Jesus Christ, who came not to be ministered unto but to minister (Matthew 20:27- 28), magnificently taught this principle: "Let him that is chief among you be your servant" (Luke 22:26). Many Christians go through tremendous trials in life and do not get promoted because in certain areas they exalt themselves above the will of God.

Again, in John 14:24, Jesus said that the words He spoke were not His but His Father's. The Lord Jesus Christ-the perfect God-Man, Creator of the uni verse – only spoke as He heard from the Father.

As we grow in meekness through grace and in humility through love, we will prosper in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ to the extent that we do not seek a single thing for ourselves. There will be no vanity, no self-glory, no demanding. Instead, we only enjoy the privilege of being a servant.

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