Join the Prayer Army

With our focus on God, we become a prayer army. We enter into prayer with supplication and intercession. The Spirit takes over our spirit and begins to move within us in a supernatural way because we are fellowshipping with Jesus Christ and His life.

Every believer must be inspired to operate in truth. Let me illustrate this. There are few people in the world who have any idea what Psalm 23 is all about. But when they hear someone quote it, they move their lips as if to say to those around them, “I know that psalm.” Knowing the Scriptures does not bring deliverance. Knowing the Scriptures is simply acquiring information of how you can have deliverance.

What brings deliverance is the inspiration of the Scriptures, and then that knowledge becomes the power to defeat the forces of darkness. Today, speak the word of faith so that it can become power. Speak it in your bedroom and in your car. Speak it wherever you are. Speak into the air-the domain of Satan’s kingdom. Enjoy being an individual in God’s kingdom who is causing confusion in the devil’s camp.

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