Joined to an Inheritance

We cannot comprehend it, but we are joined to a Lord of power who has set upon us the blessing of His inheritance. He obtained it, and we experience it by allowing grace to purchase our lives. We can meet Christ in terms of His promises, we can act through Him in terms of power, and we can live in Him in terms of an unconditional love that delivers us from all conditions. We are no longer the outward man trying to inflict upon himself the standard of religion, but we are new creatures, renewed in the inward man to express grace as the origin of all the operations of our lives.

The Kingdom is not Word only, but it is in power. If it was Word only, we would claim to be going to Heaven and yet go to Hell. We would confess forgiveness and yet live guilt-stricken. We would confess grace, but still be under law. If the Kingdom was Word only, our confession could never bring deliverance because that which we stated would be void of the life of power that God had established.

More than can be expressed in a message, beyond what one can illustrate to enable us to understand and beyond our ability to communicate, is the mystical language of faith. When we find this amazing ability to grasp faith in Christ, we immediately have a heart, soul, and body response to all that God says. No longer are we kept from the expression of the Word by the strivings of our own flesh to attain, but we speak a language of power whose own substance has joined us to the Word, Christ.

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