God didn't create you to be sad or to go around with a frown on your face. You were designed to have the joy of the Lord as your strength (Nehemiah 8:10). When Jesus Christ gives you His joy, then your joy is full.

Joy is the strength to laugh, to be happy, and to be free. With this kind of joy, you don't see the heat when bad times come (see Jeremiah 17:8). When people come to you deeply concerned over what you're going through (because you are "getting the heat"), you can say to them, "What heat?" Because they feel bad about what you're going through, they might try to make you feel bad about it too. Truthfully, the graced-out Christian doesn't see the heat when it comes. In the scorching trial, his leaf remains green. But people who do see the heat never see the good when it comes.Their leaf withers, and they withdraw from their provision.

Every born-again Christian can enjoy an abundant life. We are free to grow in purity, and as we go from faith to faith, the righteousness of grace is revealed.

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