Just A Seed

Do not despise the day of small things (2). Everything begins small. I Peter 1:23 tells us that the incorruptible seed of God’s Word has an entire kingdom within it! As we receive God’s Word with meekness, we will not see the magnificence of what has been received all at once. At first, we may not see any growth, but the soul that retains truth has an earth-shaking potential. As time passes and certain conditions are met, growth eventually will be experienced and perceived.

The seeds of doctrine grow into the illumination of God’s thoughts. They preserve the soul. But in order to yield a full harvest, the seed must be carefully sown. Therefore, receive God’s Word on purpose, with deliberation and forethought. Take special interest in going after it. We cannot afford to be mentally lazy, because a whole kingdom is contained within each word.

Truth comes in seed form. Begin a planned process of taking in Bible doctrine. Love wants to break the heart, not crush the will. Christ died in weakness when He could have exerted His power over us. His victory, now, is getting us to receive His seed through a response of love. Growth is silent (seeds do not make much noise). Receive the Word of God in quietness without trying to stir up an emotional response. When reality is the root – fruit ultimately follows.

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