Justice Supersedes Love

God poured His love out in abundance to men in the Incarnation of His Son, Jesus Christ. However, God’s love never supersedes God’s justice. Reconciliation, or right standing with God for the sinner, can only take place according to God’s sovereign plan of redemption. Religion that seeks to establish favor in the eyes of God through human effort or striving is entirely unacceptable in appeasing God’s holiness.

The gates of eternal life in heaven are open to all who, by faith alone, receive the free gift of salvation, not based upon human merit, but wholly upon the grace, or undeserved favor, of God (2). Human good is rejected by Christ. The believer must receive the impartation of divine nature in his soul in order to become acceptable in the eyes of God, who is holy, righteous and just.

Salvation from eternal condemnation is the promise to all who believe that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins with His perfect blood. Jesus Christ is our substitute. The penalty for sin had to be paid in order to satisfy the justice of God. Therefore, the sinner who accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior is made righteous in the eyes of God. God communicated this to mankind in the Bible, which is His presentation of redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ . Let your faith rest upon the unchanging finished work of Christ through His death, burial and resurrection.

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