Keeping Pace with God

Can you imagine functioning in the letter while the Spirit has moved forward in the plan of God? We lose our understanding in the light when we are persuaded to be stationary and stagnant in our own plan. People actually stay behind God when God has moved on. God needs you to walk with Him so His revelation will agree in example with the quality of life you express. You are the display that others can be when they bring nothing to purchase all God has paid for in Christ.

Those who stay in their places never can determine what God is doing in His place. The flesh separates them from the eternal mind of God. They choose to live in the unexpected end of time instead of the unexpectedness of a plan that expects only God. Don’t expect anyone to show up to give you praise or glory in the plan of God. Let God be your only audience.

Your plan will be corrupted as God’s plan goes on incorruptibly in life. Men agree that one should not be hasty in expansion because they do not realize how far behind God they are. To catch up with God takes only a second in grace after total repentance. But when churches lose their direction from God, they lag very far behind in His plan. Jesus wants you to leave your place with the same velocity you would if a bomb were about to be dropped in your midst. Place your feet in the steps of faith and you always will hear the good news in God’s next place.

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