King-Priest Avenue

Allow Jesus Christ to take you into the King-Priest avenues of His Glory. As a Glorified Priest, He is seated above. He entered in for us, having obtained redemption, and is now pleading our case. He has the power of an endless life. As a Priest, He represents God to man and man to God. As a man he identifies with the weakness of man before God. As a Priest, He goes before the Father with the atoning Blood.

The Father accepts the Blood and maintains us without dominion and imputation of sin. We do not have to maintain ourselves. Jesus our High Priest is not Jesus on earth destined to die on Calvary, but Jesus destined to live for us in Heaven. He is a personal God who is all powerful, making all provision for us to experience faith-rest.

Aaron and Moses shadow the beginning of Christ’s work on earth. Melchizedek and Joshua shadow His heavenly work for us in the heavenlies. A believer does not have to deal with his own life. But he is responsible to exercise his volition and to respond to the Word in the Body and Christ the King seated in glory.

Know Christ as King-Priest, who has entered into Heaven for you with His own Blood. Know Him as He represents you to the Father. His death takes care of your sin and His Priesthood takes care of your present sins, and the Blood covers them so that you can be dealt with through the grace of His Holiness and in the Justice of the nature of His Essence.

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