Know No Man

Unto many, the preaching of the Cross is foolishness, because it comes to destroy all good human wisdom. But unto us, the preaching of the cross is the power of God, because it destroys the old to bring in the new, resurrected mind of Christ. The Cross does not save any of the good sheep even to sacrifice, but it destroys all, that we might know only Christ and Him crucified. If people only knew God after their personal crucifixion with Him, how many would still judge others and evaluate them as those people follow God in the direction of His sovereignty? What would people have said to Jesus when, at 12 years old, He went to be about His Father’s business? Jesus knew even at that time what it was to have a cross in His life and what it meant to follow that cross in the sovereignty of the plan of God without giving an answer to people for what He did.

God’s answer for humans meddling in the plan of God is to enter into crucifixion and then to know no man after the flesh. The flesh here does not speak of the Adam nature because that was taken care of in the crucifixion. But it means not to know people after what their flesh does in physical body action.

We know no man after what he does in the physical realm as he lives unto God in his actions. The physical body is then free to be led in the sovereignty of the plan, the purpose of specifics, and the provision of Christ’s own desire for us to spread redemption.

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