Knowing without Growing

Our mind may receive truth, the conditions we are in may be relieved by truth, but unless we hear truth mixed with faith it is of no eternal avail. The parable in Luke 8 is about four hearers, all receiving the same opportunity. What three of them heard was not followed by Who God is.

Many people may hear and understand. Many may hear and be released. But how many hear and then live with the eternal results of those words? The first hearer received knowledge of the Word, but then the Word or the substance it produced was taken by the devil. The hearer did not act in what he heard. He may always know but he never will grow because he lives life without divine application. He does not appreciate the Word of God enough to agree in total obedience. When the Word is pleasing to himself then he accepts it. He will not face God unconditionally with obedience.

The second hearer heard and responded until the Lord tested him. As soon as the test came, the joy stopped. He was not rooted in that which he had heard. The Word was aborted before it could be delivered. Truth was for his daily state and not rooted in his eternal standing. He heard truth to be blessed by it, but not to let it dwell in him that he might bless others. Truth did not find habitation in him because he chose not to abide in it when God’s time came for it to be revealed.

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