Lamb and High Priest

Isaiah 53 is a description of Jesus Christ suffering at the world’s hands for others. He never once cried for Himself, nor did He live in self-pity. He is the Lamb and the High Priest Who took our place, and Who now intercedes for us day and night.

He identifies so totally with us that He is able to pray for us as if He were in our shoes. Just as He intercedes for us (2), He has called us to stand in the gap for others (3). A part of our identification with Christ is learning to pray for others as if we are praying for ourselves. Do you want to be touched by the feelings of others’ infirmities? When you allow yourself to be touched by the weaknesses of others, you can pray much more fervently for them. God desires that we learn to bear one another’s burdens (4); however, He never asks us to do anything we do not choose to do.

It is up to us to make our souls available to God – what we must do is become grounded in the finished work Gospel. When we realize who we are in Christ, we no longer need to be preoccupied with our problems. It is then that we can share in the burdens of others.

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