Great Exploits and Our Sin Awareness (Russian)

We can be close to church, but far from God. We need to know sin and its nature that’s in us. Twisted and dangerous, we can be apart from the Spirit and the Word. In Him, we do exploits by standing firm and taking action. We think well. We are bold and contented. (Daniel 11:32, Romans 7:8; 2 Samuel 16:5-14)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11926
11:00 AM on 7/26/2020

P. Schaller –

Wow! Praise the Lord! Amen! Yes, Lord, Thank you. Thank you. Praise the Lord for a minute. Praise you, Lord!
Yes, Lord God. Is there anyone here that has some emotional need of some kind? Raise your
hand. Emotional need? There are some hands. Physical need? Healing. Financial need? Yes,
Lord. Practical. Maybe family. My wife, husband, children, teenagers. (Prayer). Praise the Lord!
Hallelujah! God is good! God is great! God is amazing. God, you are almighty. The only wise
God. Amen! The only wise God. Hallelujah! Dawn is here from Iowa. Iowa/Korea. South Korea.
It’s amazing. I wanted to run the microphone to P. Scibelli, and you can tell us about
Wilmington. Anyone in Chicago on that trip? They were at the 9:00. Benscu. Anybody? Okay. P.
Paul. A minute or two to P. Scibelli. Just build us up, and then P. Paul.

P. Scibelli –

We had a great time. We had 20 from here and met about 20 from Wilmington. P.
Carl is doing a great job up in Wilmington, a city of maybe 125,000 people. He’s right in the
middle of this incredible place for outreach. People are very open. We went door knocking in
the wonderful cool weather yesterday! Wonderfully cool! You just pray that people would keep
their door open so people would get some air and put your foot in the door. Can I get some air?
We had a great time of outreach. We did a meeting from 12 to 2, outreach from 2 to 4, a dinner
from 5 on and then a night service where we spoke about your identity and your ability from 1
Corinthians 15:10. It was incredible. It is amazing the affects the ministry has here on so many different
places. They were given an incredible building. They were given this building and I can’t believe
how incredibly nice it is, right in a place where I kind of grew up. I was thinking this is amazing.
Just a great, great time and edifying.

P. Paul Andrulonis –

I was with the group of Bible college students. I joined them part way
through the trip. They started here, went to York, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Cincinnati, Ohio,
Kentucky, and then I met them in Chicago. We went from Chicago to Iowa for a day then to
Indiana and saw P. Barnes. It was an incredible time with these young people. I’m fairly young
but to watch these Bible college students going after God talking to people. Pretty much
everywhere we stopped there were conversations with people, even in the rest stops. We were
talking with people, sharing the gospel with people. It was amazing to watch them just go and
be a part of it and see the energy and the fire God had put in their hearts. We were able to
encourage a bunch of branch ministries.

In Greenfield, Indiana where we saw P. Don Barnes, there were some crazy things. You know how you hear some stories and you can never imagine; you can never think up this story in your mind. We went to Greenfield and on Friday, I think it was Friday, we went out to the little town and we did a worship night there. We were
telling people about the worship night and the gospel. A group of our team met with this
homeless man. He was just on the street. They were talking to him. You should go and talk to
that guy at the auto body shop over there. It’s around the corner. A group of them went to talk
to this auto body shop. It turns out he has an auto body shop, but he has three quarters of his building is storage for supplies to support the homeless in Greenfield, Indiana. It’s his ministry.
He has the auto body shop and then he has this. He goes into Indianapolis every week to
minister to the homeless.

He’s a believer. He’s working in a church there and we were able to
talk to him. He came to the worship night. We encouraged him. You hear stories like this and
just to experience it and talk about it and the life you see in these Bible college students. It
sparked a fire in my heart and a desire in my heart. If you have anybody get to know these
young Bible college students and see their lives. See what God is doing in their lives. It can open
your eyes to a different perspective. To a different thing. There is a verse in Isaiah about God
teaching us new things. Sometimes we can be like oh I heard these things so many times about
grace and redemption, these things that are bedrocks of things that we learned. But God can do
a new thing and give us a new perspective to build on top of this foundation that we have. To
see these young people and what God is doing in their lives, making big decisions for God. It
was encouraging to me. I’m sure we will hear more of the stories. It was an amazing time. We
drove a lot of miles. God did great things in those cities.

And the encouragement. P. Barnes and his wife, Lori were so encouraged. It was amazing to see people. We made some contacts for them. They need people to come and be with them. They said they have two bedrooms in their
house available for people to come and minister on the team. If you are interested, you can
contact them. It was an amazing time.

P. Schaller –

Turn in your Bibles for our message this morning on Knowing God. How many of
you have had a pet animal in your house and got to know that animal? A dog. A cat. How many
of you have had a friend in life and you got to know them, and you really did. Maybe your dad,
your mom, a friend. Have any of you had someone in your life you spent a lot of time together,
but you never really were able to know them? That happened. It happens. If we know a dog or
a horse, an animal, even plants, flowers, fish, bacteria, covid 19. I mean there is a lot that we
can know. But there is something beautiful about our life that is very different and that is that
we can know God. God came into this world so we could know him, watch him, touch him,
listen to him, believe in him, trust him.

When we were unsaved, we feared God or maybe didn’t care about God or didn’t believe in God. Maybe we were not interested. But eventually in life we realize like it says in Ecclesiastes That life has a lot of emptiness in it. What’s the point? Why am I here? This book, the Bible, is the Word of God. This tells me everything I need to know, not just
the black marks on white pages but the thoughts. The Word from God’s mouth. Whose mouth?
God’s mouth. Man must live, must live by the Word that comes from a person who is much
more complex, much more than an animal or person or anything in this world created. He is the
Creator. He has spoken. He says to us come to me. He says many things. I actually believe
forever and ever everything he has to say will be coming from here.

Heaven and earth will pass away but not one mark or stroke or one Hebrew or Greek letter will pass away. It’s eternal. Forever established in the heavens. The Word of God incarnated in Christ, John 1:1, 1:14 so that
we can know Him. Knowing God, Spurgeon said a great word here. “There is something
exceedingly improving to the mind when you meditate on God. It is subject so vast that all our thoughts are lost in its immensity. So deep that our pride is drowned in its infinity. Other
subjects we can compass and grapple. In them we feel a kind of self-contentment and go on our
way with the thought, behold, I am wise. But when we come to this master science finding that
our plumb line cannot go to the depth, our eagle eye cannot see its height, we turn away with
the thought that vain man would be wise, but he is like a wild asses’ colt and with solemn
exclamation I am but of yesterday and know nothing.

No subject of contemplation will tend more to humble the mind than the thoughts of God.” I pause here. Reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt who lost his wife when she brought forth a child. She was young. I think 24. The child
survived. This was Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter. His wife passed. He was devastated. He left the
politics in New York state and went to the Dakota’s to be a cowboy for two years. Theodore
Roosevelt, the president of the United States as a young man went west to be a cowboy and
get away and be healed. He said he would stare into the sky and just stare into the sky and look
at the planets and stars until he became small. When we look at God, we become small. We can
hardly say the word, “God.” Meditation on God is such a gift. We have this book.

Later in life, Teddy Roosevelt when he became president said he would do the same thing. When he was
president of the United States, he would look up in the sky until he became small. We look into
the Scriptures and realize who we are worshiping. Be careful when you get close in the church.
Sometimes when people get close in a church, they get far away from God. That’s a loaded
statement. Do I have my iPad? Thanks, Pastor. I’ll repeat it again. I want to make it clear. It’s a
subject for a whole message. It’s not the message but it’s like a huge subject which contradicts
a lot of what we think and teach but it’s true. You get close to the church and it might mean you
get far from God. What does that mean?

Sometimes people become church people, become close in the church and get very familiar with everything, familiar with people, familiar with procedures and power and influence and money and circumstances and people. Where is God? It happened with the Pharisees, right? They got close to Judaism, but Jesus came, and they
were far away from Jesus. They were far away from Jesus. They were not humble. They were
not humble. When people know God, they walk in humility. When they are close in the church,
they are not familiar with the church. They are appreciative. They are Spirit filled. They are
wise. They are quiet. They are precious people. Body life, that’s a phrase we have for church life
– Body life and when we are close in Body life we are baptized by the Spirit and drink the same
spirit. We are discerning spirits and we are careful, wise, loving, forgiving.

We’re not talking a lot about our opinions and everything going on. We are carefully walking before God in
wisdom. In that way, the church is a great place to be because then we are close with God. We
are hearing the Word of God with an attitude of humility. This is James 4. The proud he resists
but he gives grace to the humble. We grow in it and learn in it. That’s not my main point but
one thought for today. While the subject humbles the mind when we know God and walk with
God and meditate, – we’ll talk about that. It also expands the mind. “He who often thinks of
God will have a larger mind than the mind who simply plods around this narrow globe. The
most excellent study for expanding the soul is the science of Christ and him crucified, the
knowledge of the Godhead in the glorious Trinity.

Nothing will enlarge the intellect; nothing magnifies the soul of man as a devout, earnest continued investigation of the great subject of God.” This is Spurgeon. He was only 20 years old when he wrote this. Beautiful. Now, point 1)
Daniel 11:32, here we have it. People that know the Lord. Romans 7:8, but sin. But sin. What an
important word. There are a lot of people who don’t know the subject of sin. Romans 7 teaches
it. It’s a doctrine. The doctrine of sin and what is it. When I look at the news and what is
happening, different stories in our current events, what comes to my mind is this word, sin.
When I see in my own heart my meditation sometimes which goes bad and I think some bad
thoughts and my mind continues in those bad thoughts I recognize what it is, and I call it sin.

Yesterday I was reading some history on my phone about English kings and French kings and
the way it was in Europe in the 17 th and 16 th centuries and how much arrogance, how much
adultery, how much murder, how much treachery, betrayal happened in these monarchies and
their families. What comes to my mind is this word “sin.” When the city of Baltimore because of
covid handed out these tablets and gave them to students to study at home, and then find
those tablets for sale on E-Bay and the students or the family was selling the tablets, what
comes to my mind? This word “sin.” When I know friends and I see church life around the world
and what can happen, how much pain there can be, betrayal, arrogance, forms of pride then I
think of this word. It’s a big part of my life, sin. It’s not only my action but It’s my nature.

I am a sinner. I have a sin nature. When I see a movie maybe I shouldn’t have seen it and it happened.
I saw a movie that affected my mind and I carried those thoughts around with me for months or
maybe even years, what do I think of but this word, sin. I know what it is. I don’t know that you
know what it is and how you look at life. I don’t know. I’m not sure that you have an
understanding of what this word is. It’s an amazing word. It’s the problem with people. It’s the
problem with each of us. It’s what separates us from God. It’s why people don’t think about
God because of sin. It’s why the world is troubled. This direction we have in our culture when
there is crime. I was thinking okay, let’s defund the police. Let’s empty the prisons. Let’s not
penalize anybody for anything wrong that they do.

Let make sure people get their own way. Let’s let people do as they please. Let’s let the people that have this direction do as they please and don’t penalize, don’t talk about law and penalty because that will hurt that person or
whatever it might be. How twisted, how dangerous we are as people because of sin. Sexual sin,
business sin, arrogance sin, community sin, social sin. It’s amazing. If you and I are not students
of the Bible, then this word will not be in our understanding. It will be very complicated to
understand this world without this word. By the way, without this word you really don’t know
this word: Christ. Really. I want Christian ethics like turn the other cheek, but do you know
about sin? No, that’s old fashioned. We don’t live in that anymore. We don’t need that. Oh
really? Put your seat belt on because there is a lot of it going on. It’s in us. It says in this vs. 8.
Sin taking occasion.

This word occasion is a very – I got the Greek on it. I’ll read part of it to you.
It means a starting point. Sin taking occasion. Sin takes a starting point and then it means it is
used to denote a base of operation in war. A base of sin taking and making a beach head or a
starting point in war. Like a base. Sin uses the law. Sin uses the law. The law, vs. 8.
Concupiscence. This is the King James. I’m reading from the New King James. Sin having a beach
head by the law or commandment wrought – means to work. It works. It’s like the way we work
a pile of clay. We make a pot. The sin using law produced in me a desire for bad things. When you said, “do not commit adultery” it brought adultery to my mind and I started to think about

My mind because of my sin nature goes in that direction. Maybe for you or maybe not
because we have different lust patterns. Stealing money or being dishonest or being a coward
or living in unbelief. The law and my sin nature work together to produce in me bad meditation
and a fight in me. I was disappointed with myself. My sin actually became a big problem in me
because I didn’t find God. I found more of my own desires and I was using the Bible or the Ten
Commandments or the rules and regulations of an organization and the sin nature that I had
was using as a beach head a law and that law produced in me this mind of thinking rebelliously.
Rebelliously about life, God, about what I should do. I don’t want to do it. Have you ever seen it
with someone? That sin nature is there. I see a lot of it with anger and frustration.

This is a result of my sin nature. If we have a very good definition of my sin nature and how it works,
that helps me to understand why Christ came. Christ came because I have an internal problem.
It’s in my mind and in my heart. I don’t know what to do about it. I just have a sin nature and
that’s what I experience and that’s what I’m living in. We look out in this world we are living in
and we see people struggling with a sin nature. They don’t have the knowledge of God. They
are many times frustrated. They are angry with what we would say or any rules or regulations,
or they are guilty or depressed or disappointed or frustrated. They don’t have freedom. There is
no freedom. In contrast to sin, we have another word and it is an amazingly deep freedom. It’s
a freedom that comes only through Christ.

It’s a freedom because you have the knowledge of God. He does not condemn you. He is for you. You are crucified with him and the power of sin has been broken. You’ve been freed from the power of sin that was using the law as a beach head, as a place of operating in a war. The sin nature using the law to destroy. And work in us
all manner of arousal. Arousal. Like a revival of my sin nature in my personal life. But Jesus
came. Do you know him? I think you do? You believed in him. Believing in him the one evidence
of his presence in your life is this freedom that to taste it, experience it. The worship of him.
The knowledge of him. The sin is an amazing word that we should know and study and get
ahold of and see what it is. When I read about a king yesterday.

He was a French king. Maybe pastor knows about it. He was killed in a jousting tournament. I don’t remember which one it was. He was healthy, athletic, proud. He was in a jousting tournament and he got killed by a
competition. It was a sporting thing that he died. I was thinking what pride does. I was thinking
if I can’t control, if I don’t have any authority over my sin nature, my pride can take me out.
When Jesus comes into your life, I have a list of four things: 1) You will do great exploits. The
ESV means you will stand firm and take action. The people that know their God will be able to
stand firm and take action. The righteous are as bold as a lion, Proverns 28:1. Stand firm and take
action because of the Spirit of holiness. That’s where Jesus had his power from the fact he
never sinned and was holy.

When a man is holy, when a woman is holy, there is spiritual authority in their life. There is authority in their words, in their heart. They are able to love. They are able to forgive. They are bigger than the present thing. We’ll look at it in a minute. 2) They will have great thoughts of God. We’ll see that too with David. 2 Samuel 16, I want to read
that to you. 3) They will have boldness. Boldness in an evil day. Boldness when things are not
going well. Boldness when there is a storm. Ever start out on a trip and because the weather was so bad, you didn’t go? I remember when we lived in Hungary, there was a strange thing
where bridges were closed and a strike by the taxis, and I had an appointment in another
country in Slovakia and my wife figured it out. I drove as far as I could. I walked across the
bridge. I got in a car on the other side and drove up to Slovakia and had a great time. I had
every reason to make an excuse.

The bridges were closed. The transportation was shut down. But I could walk. We could walk. Then over there we could catch a ride and go on. Maybe the border will be closed but when we get there, it would be opened up. Life for righteous people because we know God. We have an advantage because we are able to be bold, have
confidence. These folks that went to Chicago by car and around the Midwest and came back
yesterday, I saw them on Facetime call yesterday. We talked and I could see their freedom and
joy and boldness. A group of us went to Northeast, Maryland, a car load of us. I was walking
around town evangelizing and sharing and there was a fire station. There were guys sitting
outside and they invited us to sit with them. We were able to talk and share and love them and
be thankful for the fireman and minister to them. It was a touching time.

People that know God. I don’t think we kind of walk around saying I know God. I know God. It’s more sacred. It’s
quiet. It’s confidence. It’s peace. It’s day by day waiting on God and listening. It’s an experience.
They come back from Chicago and it was awesome. What happened? I don’t know. I just feel
peace. I feel some authority. I feel this is God’s will. Let’s go. We can do this thing. It can
happen. God is with us. I came back from Northeast and I felt the same way. This is God’s will
for us to share the message in the state of Maryland and the area, and to be very loving and
bold. Know the message that the problem that people have is their sin. Do you understand
that? The problem they have is themselves. The problem they have we have fear, anxiety,
worry, defeat, bad self-image.

All those words are related to this word, sin. It’s my sin that destroys my life. It’s me that’s the problem with this world. It’s my sin. God is brokenhearted. He is trying to reach sinners and say I forgive you. I gave my Son. I justify you. I save you. I love you. I am for you. I sent my Spirit into the world to teach you. It says be ye holy as I am holy. As Christians I got to say I have seen in this covid period of time how much if we are by ourselves
too much it might be it is not good for us. When we are by ourselves and thinking bad thoughts
because of our sin nature. There is more adultery in the mind or pornography or depression or
fear in the mind. Why? Because people don’t realize how seriously I must control my thought
life. I must not let the poison into my heart and mind. It is there but it will not live in it. I want to
walk in the Spirit.

P. Scibelli said it Friday night. Galatians 5:24 walk in the Spirit and do not fulfill the
lusts of the flesh. How do I walk in the Spirit? By faith, by submission, by a spirit of humility
before God and trusting him, asking him to give me the Holy Spirit in Luke 11:13. If I ask for the
Holy Spirit, how will he not also give to me the manifestation. You have the Spirit when you are
a believer but walk in the Spirit. Walk in the Spirit. There it is. My mind is in the septic tank. It’s
in the sewer. What is the Spirit saying to me? I am grieved. Why are you thinking about that?
Because Lord, by my sin nature that’s where I go. The Lord says, I know that’s where you go.
That’s what I told you in Romans 6. But yield yourself unto me. Embrace the doctrine you have
received. I did not make you born again so you would live in your sin. I gave you a new birth so
you could live in the Spirit and know me and walk before me.

Abraham walked with me and he was a friend of mine. God, you had a friend? Who? Abraham. He was my friend. I told him my secrets. I told him what I was going to do in Sodom and Gomorrah. I told him he would have a
son when he was an old man. I told Abraham I made a covenant with Abraham. Yeah, but
Abraham was not a perfect man. None of my friends are perfect people. I have nobody that is a
perfect man, only my Son Jesus Christ but I gave him for you so you would be a child of God and
conformed to the image of my Son. You would be like him. You’d have his Spirit and mind and
purpose. I am his father and you are my children. Pray this way: our Father, who are in heaven.
This is an honor. It’s an honor. It’s an honor if any of us get to walk with God and know him. It’s
an honor.

Wow! It is. I remember a story about a guy training a horse. I’m trying to remember
how it goes. Horses are smart. This horse trainer said this horse is not obeying me. So I walked
over near it and the horse started to get to know me a little bit. I refused to look at it in the
eyes. I wouldn’t look at the horse in the eyes and that started to bother the horse. The horse
wanted to have a contact. The horse would come over to the trainer. The trainer knew horses
so well and knew how to control them, knew how he would relate to it. The horse wanted the
relationship. He told about it. I have to look it up to get it right. I just want to say this: God could
say I’m not going to look at you unless you look at me. You’re the horse and he’s the trainer.
He’s not going to pay attention to you unless you get on the right page. Get with him.

Trust him. When you start to trust God, if you trust in God and yield to God and you are broken
before God, God will give you a lot. There are many believers that don’t even get this far in
their Christian life. They just struggle with sin. They believe in Jesus but don’t know how to
relate to God. They don t know what to read. They don’t read anything. They don’t read at all.
They read their iPhone. The don’t read anything that is meaningful. They don’t read anything
that has to do with life. They’re not deep. They’re not meditating, waiting, praying, believing,
embracing, being fed and built up. Their mind is everywhere. They go to horrible movies. They
read horrible books. They know horrible people. They have horrible conversations. They are like
Lot living in Sodom and Gomorrah. I read something interesting.

Lot said when the people were pounding on his doors, he said I’ll give you my daughters for they do not know a man. Why a few verses later did the angel say, take your daughters and their husbands? How could you say
I’ll give you my daughters that don’t know a man and then later the angels said take your
daughters and their husbands? There are two different messages there. Either they know a
man, or they don’t. Maybe he lied. Maybe Lot lied. Maybe he lied. Does that sound familiar?
That’s like us. When we don’t know God, we can tell a lie easily but when you know God, it’s
hard to lie. It’s like us. We can twist things for our own advantage but when we know God, we
can’t do that anymore. We are different because we live with God and God is our teacher and
our pastor and our helper and our shepherd.

God is our friend and our brother. If you know me, you will stand firmly. You will be bold. 4) You’ll be contented. Do you know why there is so much restlessness on our streets? People don’t want to be told. Some have issues. I understand them. But you don’t do evil, return evil for evil. You return good for evil in Romans 12. We
cannot do an eye for an eye. We cannot kill for another killing. We cannot look for revenge. We
are looking for God and with God there is contentment. 2 Sam. 16, Jesus, thank you for your
Spirit moving and working in our country. Thank you Jesus for these times of challenge, doing your work and enjoying it deeply. 2 Samuel 16 this is long but finishing pretty soon. Vs. 5. This
man is cursing David. Vs. 6. David is surrounded by mighty men. David has been dethroned.
He’s in exile. This man is cursing him and throwing stones at him.

One of his mighty men said let me go and take his head off. I can kill that man. Vs. 7-10. Sometimes we get bad advice. He’s cursing you. I’ll go take his head off. People do that all day long. I’ll kill your enemies…I found
meditation. I’d love to speak more about that subject. Not yoga. Yoga is empty meditation.
That’s Buddhism and Hinduism. That’s empty peace. This is a living peace. This is Jesus, a living
God. I know God and it gets bigger and bigger. It’s more satisfying. So someone is cursing you.
That’s alright. Let him curse. I’m contented. Someone is hurting you. Sometimes that happens.
Maybe they don’t mean it. Maybe they are out of their mind. Maybe they are possessed by a
demon. I don’t know what it is but in this case, David shows us something.

When we know God, we are careful bout the advice we get from other people and acting on the advice of other
people. I’d like to act on God’s heart, God’s mind and what he is saying and what is he doing. I’d
like to follow God in what he is saying and doing. I believe that is the answer. Maybe the way is
very narrow through the swamp, and if I fall off, I’m in the swamp. Maybe I may get through the
swamp by God, by knowing God, Psalm 18. Maybe by God’s grace I can run through a troop.
Maybe I can leap over a wall. Maybe the storm is a good time to leave for my journey. Don’t go.
There is a storm outside. I don’t know about that. Maybe it is a good time. Maybe it’s the best
time. You might say these are bad times. Maybe these are the best it’s going to get. Maybe this
is it. Maybe it’s getting worse.

Maybe its a time to know God. Maybe it’s time to bring all my thoughts and everything – listen to me. I want to finish with this. I have had meditation that has gone bad. I’ve had meditation that was sinful. I’ve had discouragement. I’ve had meditation when my mind is in a swamp. My heart is in a bad place. Why does that happen to me, Pastor
Schaller? Why does it happen, not just once? Why could it happen often with me? What is the
answer to that? Sin. Sin is in me. I’ve got good news for you. I know when it’s poisoning more or
less. I don’t want to live there. I know what that is. That produces death. That makes me a small
narrow person. That sin reduces me to guilt. That sin takes me down. That sin reduces my life. I
don’t want to see anyone. I want to disappear. Leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I
feel this mood.

I have this propensity for hypocrisy also. I have this instinct to be a hypocrite. Hi! HI! Everything is great. How are you doing? Thank you so much. Love you so much. I have an instinct for hypocrisy. Thank you God. You are the only one that really knows. You are the one. I bring my hypocrisy and you know. Thank you, God. I have sinned. I have sinned. You know me. I have sinned. Thank you Jesus. If we walk in the light as he is in the light, the blood of Jesus Christ will cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We’ll have fellowship with each other and
sisters and brothers, that fellowship is not hypocrisy. That fellowship is the Holy Spirit. We are
anointed of God. I need some firmness when the Spirit has something to say. I want him to
knock my clock out. Clock me one God. Hit me. I need it.

Help me. Talk to me. Speak to me. Not religion. I don’t care about that. I would like God to speak to me in the Spirit and help me and cleanse me and create in me a new heart and renew a right spirit and anoint us with fresh oil
and minister to us and lead us in the way that we should go. You know what will happen? We’ll
be in this society of ours saying, when something is wrong let’s say it is wrong. Let’s be in this world salt and light. When something is wrong, let’s say it is wrong for me. It’s wrong for you.
It’s wrong. God says it’s wrong. If God says its wrong, it’s wrong. Be on the right side of God on
the issue. You will find yourself blessed of God. He will open a door, and nobody can close it. He
will shut a door, and nobody can open it. God is with you. That’s it. That’s amazing.


Please enjoy these sermon notes from the messages preached at Greater Grace Church in Baltimore. These notes are provided to aid in your study and understanding of the Word. Note that these notes do not represent complete, word-for-word transcriptions. Also, they may contain omissions as well as some errors in spelling and structure, etc., as we attempt to provide them as soon as possible. Our hope is that these notes serve as a way to help you search and connect with messages on related subjects and passages. Thank you for your interest in the ministry of Greater Grace.

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