Goodness Everywhere and the Reality of Hell (Spanish)

God made all human beings for something beyond what we can see. World is somewhere between heaven and hell. His goodness is everywhere. Morality, relationship, creativity abounds, But Hell is also real for those who refuse to be led to repentance. (Matthew 5:44-45, Psalm 145:1-21; Romans 1:21; Romans 2:4)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Zane Turk
Sermon # 11632
7:30 PM on 2/20/2019

P. Schaller

Praise God. We have tonight a great service planned. Zane Turk is going to give the introduction.
We have assembled in Christ’s name and singing these beautiful songs.
Would you consider sitting up front here? Three rows. Fill them up.

Zane Turk

As the millennials say, that was money. Ps. 116, How are you guys doing? The remnant is here. Awesome.
I was playing football in the snow across from the dorms on Frankford. When you are playing with five nationalities it’s not football anymore, just running in the snow and bumping into each other but it was a good word.
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Maybe our first thing when we die and go to heaven with Jesus, it’s precious in the eyes of God. I was thinking of it in a different way. We don’t die when we receive our body but when we receive Christ.
Col 3:3, It’s precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints and we see Col 3:5 when we put to death our members.
We see the list in Col 3:5. Drunkards, revelries, extortioners – these are things we put to death. That’s precious in the eyes of the Lord. I want to encourage you and myself as we heard the construction is in a process. For now it’s a process of dying to our old man and putting on the new man. Sometimes in our life we say I don’t feel progress. Maybe it’s the 1001 time when I fail. Or a relationship where you can’t stand the other person and you are not getting any grace. Why am I still failing God in this area of my life?
1 Cor 6:11 Paul gives a list of all these things, the revelries and drunkenness and extortioners. But so were you. You were washed and cleansed and sanctified and justified. That was you but you are clean and washed and sanctified. Yes, God has called us to put off the old man and put on the new, but he doesn’t say you’re a new believer and here’s all the steps and go do them.
He gives us promises, Php 1:6 he who began a good work will complete it.
1 Thes 5:24, 1 Jn. 5:4 he gives us his faith. He gives us himself in the process of being sanctified.
It’s up to us to rest in the promises, 2 Peter 1:4 and we partake in his divine nature by his grace. I can’t really do anything but I rest in the fact God has called me to do something. He has called me to love my family, to be a hard worker.
I rest in the fact that he said he’ll do it. I need to always rest in that. He said he’ll do it.
I love that song, keep praying. These things in my life aren’t going but I’m going to keep praying and rest in your joy.
I saw a funny Billy Graham quote. He said I read the end of the Bible. I read the last page and everything turns out fine. We are in the plan of God and we have an amazing church.
Let’s rest in the promises. God did it all and he called you and said he will do it. Why do you think you have to do anything? Let’s rest in these promises. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

P. Schaller

I kind of wish you’d keep going on. That was great. Wasn’t that good? That was awesome. Would you talk to each other about what he preached right now? Work on it a little bit in your heart. What was the message about that he shared? What would you say the message was about? Promises of God, God loving me, not stressing out, knowing God, being thankful, worshipping God. He’s a future preacher in the ministry. I think he has a gift. The Lord
is leading him. That encouragement, that’s needed for all of us.
How beautiful it is when we see God’s goodness everywhere. That’s what I want to speak about tonight for a few minutes. Being thankful and seeing God’s goodness for the unbeliever. This is a new – we don’t emphasize it enough.
Job 33, Mk. 10, Rom. 2 it is something we could rehearse tonight, that is, the unbeliever. The person who is not a believer being really blessed and ministered to by God’s grace. It’s great grace given to the unbeliever. Wow. What a theme.
Ps. 145, one of the reasons I’m refreshed by this thought is because I’m looking all the time for things to be thankful for.
How many of you have met someone and you say I want to talk to you about Jesus. Oh, Jesus. He saved my life. I got shot right here and would have died on the street but he saved my life. What is he saying? God saved my physical life. God is good to me. He gave me grace. He saved my life. I would have died. What’s your response to that? For me, that’s beautiful. Could I talk to you about something that is more important or is very important and that is your soul?
But before we evangelize and we evangelize because what we are saying now is not about evangelism primarily but the nature of the world we live in. This world is somewhere between heaven and hell. The nature of this world is a demonstration of God’s character and nature. His goodness is everywhere. Sometimes, let’s make a short list here. God’s grace and of course we are not, we understand the gospel of grace which is incredible. And salvation. A man being convicted of his sin and realizing he is lost. Because even though I got shot on the street and survived, it doesn’t save my soul. Believing in Christ saves my soul. Let’s understand something. That man being saved from dying is recognizing something good. God saved my life from a bullet wound, from drowning, from cancer, from a car accident. Let’s acknowledge the fact that this world is filled with God’s grace. Every time you breathe. Unsaved person. I’m talking about unsaved person alive. When they came out of the womb, it was the grace of God. When they breathed their first breath, grace of God. When they went to first grade and ate lunch, grace of God. When they saw their first sunrise, grace of God. When they had a puppy dog when they were 7, grace of God. When they had a nice Christmas tree, grace of God. When they had another sandwich, grace of God. When mom and dad picked them up and loved them, grace of God. When they went to 8th grade and studied science and physics, that’s called grace of God. When a scientist looks into the stars and understands something about the nature of the universe and he’s right, when he sees physics or any science or medicine and they replaced a hip for P. Scibelli and stents for me and P. Brian that is the grace of God.
When there is civilization and moral law and legal activity and contracts upheld, that is the grace of God.
Mt 5:44-45 it says the rain falls on the just and unjust. Unsaved. The sun shines on the just, saved, and the unjust, unsaved. They drive cars. They go to sleep at night. They eat in restaurants. They start companies. We are liars in our sin nature and at the same time God has given us common grace so we can have moral law in our hearts. Not everybody is lying all the time. Unsaved people are telling the truth. Unsaved people are ruling countries and governing organizations. They are given the grace of God and our civilizations are operating.
It’s in Ps 145.
2) God’s grace is given to people in terms of relationships. Marriage is one. Unsaved people getting married. Unsaved people being loyal, trusting, honest, dedicated, committed. In military service. Common grace. God’s grace given to man. These are gifts that are operating in this world. Often we speak about our sin and where it is taking us and that’s critically important in the understanding of the Scriptures.
Hell is real and a judgment is coming. But in this lifetime, God’s hand is open.
God is satisfying every living thing in Ps. 145.
Ps. 145:1-19 He will fulfill the desire of them that fear him.
We’ll make a short list here. Marriage, family, friendship. Grace given in the creativity of the mind of man in science, art and music. We have life as we know it naturally. It does not save us. It’s called common grace.
I want to put it in the context of something simple. When God made man in the beginning, his intended direction was to be without sin. To be like God. Man was to be like God and the kingdom of God was to come on the earth. When man fell, man became and the world became as we know it today. This is the world. God’s grace is here. So is evil. Evil is here also. Some men we could say are good men in one sense. Though none is good. All have sinned. On the other hand in terms of relativism, one man is better than another only in a human viewpoint. Then comes the end of life for that man. That man dies and where does he go but to hell.
Hell is everlasting fire in Mk 9:43, 45, 47.
Lake of fire in Rev 20:15. Cast into the lake of fire. This is my constant orientation to the world I live in. I believe God made us for something much greater than what we can see. What we are now seeing isn’t entirely bad.
What we are seeing is something very good around us all through our life of 70 years. The man lives 70 years with God speaking to him every day all the time about how good God is. God is good. The child says it. God is good when he’s on his bicycle. God is good.
The newly married couple when they go on a honeymoon can say God is good. When they eat breakfast together. When their first born child comes into the world they are speechless. How could that happen? How could a human being, this small little package and silently they say God is good. This is good. This is the presence of God in a fallen world. As God is speaking to the human heart, it’s responding in different ways.
Rom 1:21 man suppresses it. When God is known by them in their heart and faith, that’s natural. Because they look at the world, they cannot figure it out. Nobody can. They say there must be God. I don’t know why all of this is around me. I don’t see any good others say. The bountiful eye is blessed. The blessing is in the eye of the beholder. How I relate to the world is an important way of determining how I see it. We are not objective. We need something on the outside to speak to us.
Rom. 2 this is a good portion here.
vs. 4. The goodness of God leads you to repentance. So that’s my message tonight. It’s simple and short. I can say a few more things.
The rich young ruler in Mk 10 had kept all the law. He was rich. This is the goodness of God that a young man was rich. The young man had kept the law. He said I have kept all the law for my youth. He had experienced the morality of his nature, the blessing of financial wealth and honor from people. Even in the best the world has, we still have the question, what must I do to have eternal life? This world leaves me hanging here. I’m yearning for God but don’t know how to find him.
Another goodness of God toward the rich, young ruler, Jesus looked at him and Jesus loved him. He was unsaved but Jesus loved the unsaved. That’s the goodness of God. Christ is, God’s heart is heartbroken for the people in this world that are in a way swimming in his goodness and his grace that is on us every day but because we are afraid, because we are guilty, because we are ignorant, because we are cold, because we are closed or afraid of opening up because we don’t know if God loves us or not, we go on our way. Here it is. We are lost. We are lost. People are lost. They are lost. They are lost. They go to hell. What is hell?
It’s Mt. 25:41, it is a place called everlasting fire, a place prepared for the devil and his angels. I don’t understand. Listen. The devil fell like lighting and there is a place prepared for him. He didn’t have what we have. We have a life and goodness is there filling our lives. We have a life of struggle and pain and trouble and broken hearts and stuff that happens but we have a life to find God. The devil went 100% into a cursed position yet his judgment is coming. We have become evil but common grace is speaking to us to pull us, draw us to God. In that drawing I have to make some decision can I trust in God. Can I trust in God or not. We have to say we have been persuaded. We have been led. God has been good to us. He keeps us alive long enough and we are aware to believe and trust, that not being us but him. Save me. If I am lost, save me. If you are real, show yourself. If you are the answer, make it clear to me.
Help me and save me Paul said to the Athenians at Mars Hill and in Acts 14. God has given us food every day. He has been good to us every day. He’s given us food and space to live in and our countries with boundaries and has visited us. I declare to you the unknown God, Jesus Christ. If we believe, we go here. If we believe, we are brought into him. We are now in his family. We are saved. I’m so concerned about the message because I know it is so. I can read it back and forth in these Scriptures. I know this man in his whole life and goodness he is deceived in believing it doesn’t matter. God will take care of it. No, he has given you a message now and you must make some decision in your heart about it. If you believe, you are justified and made righteous.
We have all the language we read in the Scriptures that defines it for us. I’m trying to make it clear to us. We did not invent it. This is the reality and it is shocking. It’s more serious than anyone can ever imagine. You must be born again. The Son of God said it. If you do not, you are cursed.
How can a man part flesh and part spirit go to a place made for the devil and his angels, except he is made something like an angel or something like a demon. Jesus said about marriage in heaven. He said there is not. But rather they are like the angels. Man is like angels but also like a demon. Man is like a demon. Man is like an angel.
We are now looking at a gospel and saying the man is to be interpreting his life this way that God loves me and wants to save me. He gave me his Son so I would not go to hell. That I would be brought in to the very presence of God and be in the presence of God, something I know very little about in this lifetime but something I read very clearly in the Scripture.
If God had not given his only begotten Son, we wouldn’t have any crisis at all. If God gave his Son and did this great work, he’s in the center of the whole thing. It must be extraordinarily incredible what we are part of. Not something with small dimensions…but this is incredibly above and beyond what we can ever imagine. It also means hell must be incredibly, profoundly, horrible, terribly real and tragically horrible and sad. Therefore, let us enjoy all the goodness around us all the time and not hesitate to bring people with love and understanding into the very message of this incredible gospel.
If they are not convicted of their sin, it may be we are speaking and they are hearing blah, blah, blah, blah. I know all about it. It’s blah, blah, blah, blah. If they are convicted strongly understanding I am in trouble. I believe God is good. There is something terribly wrong here. I need the Son of God. In believing, they will be born again and the Spirit comes in their heart and they will understand in time God’s amazing sense of love for them.
We must dedicate our heart and life to this. We must believe it with all our hearts. Think about it through the night and decades. I’m more and more convinced and persuaded. This must be so.
If a man without Christ passes into eternity, I don’t care who he is, without the blood of the Son of God that justifies him before a holy God, he is lost forever.

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