The Constant Dripping of the Roof (Russian)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11918
11:00 AM on 7/12/2020

P. Schaller –

Beautiful! (Prayer). I’d like to have the map of Finland be put up on the screen as we start our service. Here we go.
This is a unique service in the sense that we are live doing a broadcast worldwide and specially
for the Finns because this is their summer conference right now, this weekend, and this is their
last service of that conference. We want to give them greetings from Baltimore. I don’t know if
you can turn to the camera wherever it is. The cameras are everywhere! Say thank you. We
love you and rejoice in you in the Lord. How many of you are from Finland? If you are Finnish,
would you stand up in this service? Forty-five years ago, we left our home church in Maine,
South Berwick and we were outside in the parking lot and P. Stevens prayed for us. We went to
Northern Europe.

Kind of a large country with a small population and many things you can read
and learn about this country. We went there by faith. We had a few things that we were very
strong in as believers, as a team of ten people. We were trained. Some of our team members
were trained in our Bible school. Not everybody. We had a very challenging year there, our first
year there, as missionaries to preach and share the message. There are many stories that can
be told about it. This is touching to us just now because in a way we passed a milestone. One of
the brothers who we met 45 years ago was a great disciple, became a pastor, planted a church
out here in this area here. He went home to be with the Lord this past week. The brothers from
that period of time where we trained people in our Bible college and did work in the country,
church planting and making disciples.

It happened by the Spirit of God doing the work through the Bible. The Bible became alive to us and we started to believe it and practice it. The church, the work grew. We landed here in Helsinki and did a lot of traveling in different parts of the country through the years and went to the top and east and west. It’s the size of California. A
lot of territory. A lot of trees. A lot of lakes and swampy areas. A lot of moose and wild life.
They said if you scattered the Finns all over the country, you would have one person every 27
square miles. It’s sparsely populated but very sophisticated, very educated and knowledge of
the Bible, knowledge of Christianity. It used to be. A lot happens in 45 years. A lot of falling
away also. A lot of secularism and atheism and a lot of trust in man. But we are different. We’ll
speak about that today. I want to say that there is a group of men and women in the ministry in
Finland who through the years have shown not their strength but have shown the grace and
the Spirit of God.

They have shown the reality of what we read in the Bible, the reality of God.
They have also gone to many countries in the world preaching. I believe 19 different countries
and places. 90 missionaries was one number I heard. Amazing work that has happened by grace
in the former Soviet Union, in China. Teija lived in Thailand. Riita was in Honduras, in Hungary.
Marijuaka Walsh in Nepal and Siberia Piivi T. and Pilly and Kiko and many others. Sorry if I didn’t
mention your names. I can remember a lot of people. Titie and Rista Kraama and P. Tero and
Riita Vaasa. Amazing. This is to glorify God and to say to people here and listening, you can be a
young man with the Word of God in you. If you have a devotional life where you can keep on
track in the Spirit and walk with God and hear God, you will live by faith. As you live by faith,
you will find yourself with others who live and walk in faith.

Then you will evangelize. That was another thing we did in Finland. We evangelized a lot. And God gave a lot of people that were willing to listen and learn the Bible. I would ask sometimes a Finn, why are you coming to the meeting? They would say, I want to learn the Bible and you’re teaching the Bible. It was the
Bible and I would say more: The anointing, the Spirit. Jesus is here. Jesus is real. Jesus is here.
God is here. If we preach about Jesus and preach Jesus Christ and he’s made known to the mind
and hearts of people, then God is lifted up and he gives the increase. He gives increase to that
work. P. Buren was a medical student and his father and family was important to him. I
remember the tough decisions he made.

P. Yurma was in a technical university but not interested and was seeking and looking for God. I met him one summer night in a charismatic prayer meeting…and he followed me and listened and started to practice it and believe. God used him. All of us we can say we are not much at all if you get to know us. We don’t have
much. We are not much but God gives the increase. God speaks and makes a disciple. God
raises up somebody. P. Yuha was another one. He had a crisis in his life, a personal crisis and
very devastated and hurt. Again, God. He found God. And these men and women have walked
with God through these years. I have a message for them in a few minutes. Just now would you
listen to the head pastor in the church in Helsinki. He would like to share with us for five

P. Juha –

Good morning. Good evening. It’s a joy to worship the Lord together with you in Baltimore with
many others watching on line around the globe. We are finishing our summer conference in
Finland. The theme of our celebration is Members of One Another. This global church family
that we are privileged to have in Greater Grace is a great expression of this biblical truth that
we so dearly cherish. As young believers decades ago, we heard P. Schaller and the team teach
on the Body of Christ. It was all new and revolutionary for us. Many of us were very young in
the faith. We not only heard teaching on it, but we really got to live it and learn to love each
other and to share our lives with each other. And not only that, we wanted to share that love
and life with the whole world and were excited to travel, ready for adventure.

We had heard that God’s love is unchangeable and that we can trust in him, walk in faith and see him work in
us and through us as members of his Body, the fullness of him who fills all in all. Members of
one another means also that none of us can make it alone. We complement each other. We all
have diverse gifts and ministry but together we are whole. We are more than the sum of
separate parts. That’s why we are not to live in comparison nor are we to envy and despise
each other but we are honoring and loving each other as members of the same Body. We may
be a little strange or funny in each other’s eyes, but Christ lives in us and we can sense it. Romans
14 and 15, Paul exhorts us to receive each other as Christ has received us.

He accepts us just as we are. Why should we then raise boundaries and set high demands on each other? Instead,
we are to live as Paul writes in Colossians 3:13 forbearing one another and forgiving one another.
There’s a long way to grow in maturity in this. I don’t know about you, but at least I am still
learning day by day asking for grace. But thank God he’s patient with us and he will carry us
through. He keeps pouring his grace on us. Christ is the head from whom all life comes. This is
Body life, life as members of one another. It is a life that carries us through waters and fires,
and we end up bearing one another’s burdens rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping
with those who weep. There is the fullness of him that fills all in all. In a couple of days, we will be traveling again to Latvia on a summer harvest trip to sow the seed and to invite people to
this family of God.

Our ambition and prayer is that even in that precious little country a couple
hundred miles south of Finland, that there would not only be people who receive the Gospel
but would also get a glimpse of the Body of Christ and learn to live as members of one another
and continue on the great legacy that Paul his disciples taught his disciples. The time will come
when we leave this earth. Our dear friend P. Yurma was just promoted to glory. What is it that
we will leave behind us as a church to the generations that follow us? Is it only a theoretical
belief system, another philosophy of life, great buildings and organizational structures? Or will
our heritage be the revelation of the Body of Christ where we are members one of another?
Thank you. May God bless you all.

P. Schaller –

That was touching. Very precious. Beautiful. Turn with me for our message to Proverbs
27:15 for a principle and then we will look at Ephesians. A lot goes through my mind when we
are worshipping and I’m thinking of what God did with people who have believed. Ben was one
of the and Marty and Sue. Ben Munson also spent time in Finland and many others. What
happens when our faith becomes real? It becomes practical. What happens when I find in my
life I find Christ in a practical and real way. This is at the very heart of our faith because if it
doesn’t work, let’s not fool ourselves. If it doesn’t work, then we don’t have any message.
We’re like everyone else in this world that doesn’t have a message, or their message is
ridiculous when confronted with the reality of the grave.

Yes, there are many religions and ideas, but who has overcome death? Many philosophies but what about sin? The real problem with people is our sin. What about sin? We’re going speak about that today. I’d like you to look
at Proverbs 27:15. Have you ever been in a house where you heard outside the window the gutter
and the raindrops hitting the tin or the gutter and it goes on all day on a very rainy day all day.
That idea could be applied to many things. Here it is applied to a woman who is contentious.
What is a contentious woman? Kind of upset. Kind of fighting, angry, talking frustrated,
disappointed. She’s going around the house and talking and feeling and thinking and acting on
the basis of her contention, her struggle. I don’t have that in my life. Turn to your neighbor and
say, I don’t have that in my life! But, wait a minute! I have it. I have it.

I have something that doesn’t go away, that bothers me, that troubles me. It’s in my mind or my heart. Some people
have a lot of it. It’s different for people. But it bothers us. There is another problem about a
man, a similar idea. Prov. 19:13, a foolish son. There was a man here who wasn’t from this area.
He moved here and had a son who had a drug addiction problem. It went on for years. He was
in our church for some years, 5 or 7 years and then his son overdosed. I saw the pain in that
man. He moved away. He was so heartbroken. I lost my son. We could say foolish son. I could
be that man or the son. It could happen to me, not that drug but other things that are foolish
that brought pain to my dad. Dads have pain. It’s even more in this proverb. He not only has a
foolish son but a wife in vs. 13. He has double problems.

A lot of trouble in his heart and mind. Maybe something I did in my past I can’t let it go. It keeps coming back to me. Maybe something about my upbringing. My self-image keeps coming back to me. I hear it and it
doesn’t leave me alone. Maybe some regret. Maybe some fear. Some people have a fear and it doesn’t leave them alone. It keeps at it and at it. We spoke about this at the 9:00 service this
morning. I think it’s a good way to start what I want to say today. Basically, I want to say this: I
want to say very clearly and through the teaching with a lot of authority that it is possible for
this to happen to you and for you to overcome it. It is possible for you to be totally free and
that dropping that plagues you and hurts you and troubles you and limits you. There are people
that live in a very limited world because of the continually dropping that doesn’t leave them
alone. It keeps coming back.

ou’d like to get out of the house, but it follows you. You get away
and it’s still is there. It just follows you. How do I get rid of it? Turn with me to Ephesians. I’d like
you to notice something about chapter 1. We’ll make a couple brief and profound statements
on a couple of these chapters. It will lead us to chapter 4 where we will go to the verse and read
there what we are part of. What we are part of is amazing. Ephesians 1 is God’s mind in eternity.
Many people do not have a good starting point for life. Do you know where there starting point
is? That’s where they start. That’s not a good starting point. You have to go way back. You have
to go to the mind of God. We are called to know God. Who is God. What does God say? Who is
he? Does he care about me? Does he know my pain and trouble? Who is God? What does he
think about you and me?

This is chapter 1, pulling the veil back on time so we can look into eternity and see what God is saying and thinking about us. We are accepted in Him. He has all spiritual blessing for us. He has given us his Son. We need the Holy Spirit to show us by wisdom and revelation what we are part of. What has God done on our behalf. There is another sound that cancels out this dropping on a rainy day. This whole thing about your life is way too strong.
It dominates. The pain is too great. It’s way too much. It’s not right. This is what happened in
Finland. This is one way of saying it. There were people that were interested to hear another
voice. Not this one. Same in Turkey with Roger and his family and the team. There are people
that don’t want to hear that. They hear it. It’s there but they want to hear what does God say.
Who is God? What can he do for me? What is the message? I want to hear it. Ephesians 1 is showing
us from the beginning the riches of God’s mind toward us.

We too much live in our stuff ad pain and disappointments and guilt and fear and shame and we are afraid of people. We are afraid of each other. We are afraid of what is going to happen in the future. The world is so filled with
that. Have you seen it? Have you seen it? Do you see the driving nature of the thing? The
dissatisfaction. Yes. I was reading yesterday – first of all I went through the whole book of
Revelation. I went through it in a hour or so and did a quick read. I found many little things
there. Many verses. Many different things and it made me think of how God is a Lamb. 27 times
he is called the Lamb in the book of Revelation. What is a lamb? Have you seen one? You can
push it over and it will fall down. You can take a leg and push it over. You can squash it down. A
lamb is so fragile almost. They would never survive left to nature. How do they survive? They
have a shepherd. Yeah shepherd!

Without a shepherd, you’re not going to make it which is a big question in evolution. How can sheep survive without a shepherd? Jesus is a Lamb. Not the big mighty – he is the big mighty God, but he is also so almighty he can be so weak and fragile. When man sinned, the first thing he said to him was, where are you? When I read that last
night it touched my heart because a big strong God could say you are such a disappointment to me. Get out of my face. Or said nothing to him, ignore him, curse him. It’s over and gone. Instead he goes, where are you? I am your Father. I made you in my image. Where are you? I want to talk to you. I care about you. God loves lambs and sheep. He is the Shepherd. And he laid down his life for us because he knows – listen, this thing bothers us. When Cain killed his brother, he left the presence of God. When God came to Cain he said, where is your brother?
Why did God say to him anything? He would like to heal Cain.

He would like to forgive Cain. He’d like Cain to admit where his brother is. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Am I my brother’s keeper? Why do you care about him? Liar. You left him in the field dead. You know where he is.
His body is in the field. You are a murderer and a liar. I am so heartbroken. I lost you. I lost you.
But I am the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. I forgive you of your sin, but
you don’t even know because you don’t know who I am. I love you Cain. I died for you Cain. I
bear my sin on my body so I could take your sin away. You don’t have anything to do with me
because all Cain could hear is that kind of thing. You killed your brother. You killed your
brother. God is against you. God is against you. God is against you. You see I have to start in
Ephesians 1. That’s where I find he is God who is for me.

He elects me. He chooses me. He decides in
himself. That’s the chapter where I find God is Father and sent the Holy Spirit into the world to
teach me another voice, another sound. 1 Corinthians 14 a clear sound. A trumpet sound. You know
taps. Taps is for a funeral. Reveille is waking up in the morning. Then another sound for in the
military for an attack and so on. A rendezvous and so on. I cannot know unless there is certain
sound and that certain sound is what we hear from the Bible, the Spirit. Messages have to be
saturated with the Spirit. Messages have to be saturated; ministry has to be saturated with
prayer. Ministry is based on the mystery of God, the presence of God. Ministry is based on Body
life. Ministry is based on the Spirit.

This is so loud (tap, tap) that I can’t hear anything else. The Spirit speaks to a murderer and that murderer can say – God says, where is your brother? The murderer says, he’s in the field. Why is he in the field? Because I killed him. I have sinned. God says I have taken your sin away. I have called you by a new name. I saved you by my grace. I
regenerate you. I put my Spirit in you. I put my Spirit in you so you can know me and walk with
me. Did that happen in Finland? Did it happen in Russia and the Soviet Union and those
countries and China? It does. We just heard a story from Azerbaijan with P. Ilgar telling a man, a
people group, this man on the street and this salvation that happened. He gave him a Bible.
Two months later the family is reading the Bible. They are very excited and want him to come
back and teach the people the Bible.

There are people who say I know this sound, but I hear
another sound. I hear Jesus Christ speaking to my heart. I find the anointing of God moving in
my life. I’m believing you. Go to one other – subpoint here. Chapter 2. This is sin. Ephesians. 2:1, sins.
The history of man is about sin. Why did one king rise up against another king in medieval days?
Because of pride. Because of land. Because of gold. Why did the Europeans go to Latin America
and mine the silver in Peru? Because of money, because of power, navy. Why was there
murder? Why is there prostitution? Why is there child molestation? Why is there
homosexuality? Why is there adultery? Why is there pride? Why is there covetousness? Why
does a country or a man steal from another man?

Sin. Sin is the problem with us. And the effect of sin. It’s sin. That’s the sound. It’s sin. That’s the problem. If you go out in the streets in this world and get an audience of the whole world and say the problem with this whole world is sin. They would say boo, boo. That’s so pessimistic. Man is good. Man is good. Fifty years later ask
the same people. Is man good? They would be kind of saying I’m hurt. My wife betrayed me.
My business partner cheated me. My country abused me. I am sad. My son is a fool. My wife is
unhappy. You say to a group of young people, sin is the problem. No! Man is so capable. We’re
so proud of ourselves. I’m saying this to civilized societies. Technology that we never even
dreamed of having that we now have in this world. Behind the technology is our problem. It is
our sin. We’ll use the technology to steal.

We’ll use the technology to make a lot of money by pornography. We’ll steal people out of their bank accounts. We’ll steal people of their reputations. We’ll go on social media and slander and we will accuse and abuse and do all of
this sin. Sin is the problem with us and the sound of it and the habit of it and the pain of it and
the problems with it. When I see the news today, I see nothing new. I see rioting in the streets. I
see murder. I see the increase of murder. I see nothing new. I see the same problems that
we’ve all had all the time. Is there anybody who has another sound? I want to know God. I
know about the pain of racism, the pain of injustice and stealing and adultery. Let me say
something about adultery. You are a fool if you live in adultery, if you practice adultery. Prov. 6
you are bringing shame on yourself. You are misreading reality.

It is an incredible problem in this world. Sexual promiscuity, adultery and many other sins, sexual sins. We are filled with it. One other thing: in the book of Deuteronomy I read this and thought about it. There is a verse
that goes like this: if a man takes his daughter and prostitutes his daughter, it cannot happen
that a man would take his daughter. Jewish law. He takes his daughter, prostitutes his daughter
and it says or else the land will be filled with filthiness. We are appalled at the idea. Yes, you
are. I know you are. Listen to me. It’s the same thing when a little boy says I’m a girl. Oh,
Johnny, you’re a girl. Should we change your name? Yes, I want to be called Mary. You’re Mary.
What happens? That parent is misleading his child. This is all obvious to you, I know, but I want
to say something about America. We are polluting the land. We are filling the land with
filthiness. You will not get away with it. You will suffer.

The suffering will come this way. There will be a continual dropping in your soul. There will be pain. You will not get away with it. Not get away with our injustices, with our lies. We will not get away with our pornography and our
sin. It will be a plague. It will hurt us tremendously. It will hurt our families. It will hurt us and
our society. It will tremendously hurt us as people. There is another sound that I want to bring
you to. Ephesians 4. This is the closing. I got to say a lot of good things about the Finns and the
church there. We are the same. We have different countries and language. You heard them sing
in Finnish today. We have a different background, different history and culture in some
degrees, but we are the same. It greatly glories God that we love one another. There are these
“one another” verses in the New Testament.

This is what we have learned about our life and this new sound we get used to listening to. What does the Spirit say? What does the Spirit say? It’s beautiful. Ephesians 4:22-32. Because of time, I don’t want to, but you could do a study on this whole portion. It’s fantastic. Vs. 22. This is King James English, the former way of life. Who is the old man? Turn to your neighbor and ask them, who is the old man? The answer is not my
father! He’s not the old man. Go ahead. Turn to your neighbor. Who is the old man? You put off
according to the previous way of living, the way I used to live. How did I use to live? I was
passive. I was selfish. I was indifferent. I had these bad habits. I had this sound in my soul that
would come back to me every once in a while and I get so discouraged because I failed. I’m like
a loser. I’m less than what I should be. There are believers that live – I’ll never change. I can’t

I got a broken heart. I got pain in my life. I can’t change. It’s not true. We have to put
off the old man. The old man is saying those things. It’s the old sin nature. Old man because
Adam was the first. That’s why he’s the old man. He’s the same old man. Not the new man a
different one. Ephesians 1, we have God’s mind. I have a mind for a new man. Christ satisfies me.
Christ overcame this continual dropping. Do you have a foolish son? Maybe but the pain of
having a foolish son is not greater than the joy of being in the new man. I have a new man. I
have a new man. I am born again. I have the Spirit of God. You say pastor, I don’t experience
that. I say to you, it grows. It grows. It develops. It increases. It is a life of faith. Sometimes the
kingdom of God is gradual. I know I’m running out of time but keep following with me. I’m not
in a hurry. You got to hear me.

The kingdom of God has, it says too different things. The kingdom of God is gradual, a growing plant. It’s gradual. The kingdom of God is instantaneous. Jesus comes as a thief in the night. Jesus comes. It’s there complete. Finished. Salvation is instantaneous. The kingdom of God is in you. The minute you believe you are saved. You are in God. You are in Christ. Then the other mode is day by day I’m living by faith. The Spirit of God in
the local assembly we are to exhort one another lest we be deceived by the deceitfulness of
(tap, tap) this thing that comes back to us. It comes back and we listen to it and it bothers us.
Lord, take it away. Jesus says follow me. What about that? Forget about it. It may be there, and
it may not be there. It won’t bother you like it bothers you now. Follow me. You’ll go in and out.
I’ll take care of your pain. I’ll use you for my glory.

I’ll honor you with my Spirit. I’ll crown you with glory and honor. I’ll give you wisdom. I’ll show you the way. You’ll walk on the high places in the holy place of the most high. I’ll hide you in a pavilion from the strife of tongues. I’ll fill you
with my Holy Spirit. I will lead you in the way of life and you’ll walk on the highway of holiness
will no ravenous beast will go, Isaiah 35. Is that true or not? The thing about Finland was they
heard that, and they believed it. They are people like us. We all have our stuff. But some of us
decided to believe that and put off the old man. Vs. 23. Has it happened to you? I’ve been to
the church. I’ve been renewed in the spirit of my mind. I was reading the book last night, the
Bible, revelation and Genesis. I was renewed in the spirit. I got up this morning and sang a little
song to my wife. She laughs about it. She enjoys it. Just to see her laugh makes me happy. She’s
fun to be with. I get renewed in the spirit of my mind.

Maybe in sorrow, in prayer, maybe fasting. Sometimes I think do we understand the value of fasting and prayer. Sometimes we have to put off our daily things and seek God, and seek God, and seek God in our spirit and we
will find him. Seek me and you will find me. Knock and it will be open. What is the other one?
Ask me and I will answer you in Luke 11:13. Ask me for the Holy Spirit. Will I give you a stone
when you ask for bread? Will I give you a serpent when you ask for an egg? People in America say yeah I think I want the serpent instead of the egg. Or in China. Vs. 24. You put on. I think
this is all I want to say. This is so precious. I love it when a message has some teeth. I love it
when I hear a message and can take it home and apply it. I’m asking you folks, all of us
everywhere that we would have a devotional life and recognize the voice.

When God says where are you? And then we say to him I am here. I am here. Like Samuel said it. Noah said it.
Abraham said it. Here I am. He needs an answer. Where are you? Here I am. Why are you over
there? Why are you plagued by this thing? Do you think that’s my will for you to have a broken
heart, to be depressed, to be passive, to be indifferent, to be negative, to be critical, to be self-
righteous. There are self-righteous atheists. They are self-righteous about themselves and how
wrong you are and how you are not what you should be. There is a self-righteousness in man.
He is judgmental. He is arrogant. He is proud. He is a critic. He is not a lamb. He’s not wise. He’s
not kind. He’s not gracious. He’s not edifying. He’s silent. He’s proud. He’s judgmental. He’s
alone. And you can guarantee if he lived in a nice house, you can guarantee he is being plagued
by something that is not from God.

He is being plagued by his own self-importance, his own pride. God says put it off. That’s not me. That’s not my mind. You are not hearing what I want to say. I want to set you up on high places. I want to anoint you with my power. I want to send you. Listen to me. P. Stevens and our little bible school. I did three years. I was a believer for
four years only when I went to Finland as a missionary with a team. We had some beautiful
team members, Dede and Jackie and P. Dennis. After our first year, we had a small group of
people. I want to say what was so good about that Bible school was that we became strong in
three things:. 1) We became strong in our devotional life. This book was more than just an
academic exercise. I had a pastor who was on his knees. I had a pastor who loved the word and
would quote ten verses or 15 or 50. One sermon 123 Bible verses.

Throne Words. He was a man of this book, the Bible, alive. That’s what I needed. He had it in prayer. He said don’t think about doing this work unless you are dead serious with a prayer life. So we had devotional life.
2) We had evangelism. We evangelized. We looked like a fool, but we didn’t mind because the
Bible says the preaching is foolishness to them that do not believe. We could be ridiculed and
look like fools but that’s fine. That’s the way it goes. But then we find this person and that
person. Maybe I would never have found that person unless I had been a fool in front of a
thousand. I have to be a fool in front of a thousand to find that one. Maybe. I don’t know. I’m
not trying to be a fool if you listen to us. We are actually very wise. We have the knowledge of
God in eternity past and he tells us our big problem is sin.

We find Jesus Christ is the answer for that sin through redemption. We put off the old man and put on the new man and now we have life. We have Body life. 3) The third thing we found when we ministered there is God
added to the Body and people started to listen. If you simply read the Bible, people will listen. If
you simply apply what the Bible says, you’ll build your house on a rock. When the storm comes,
that building is going to stand. I can’t believe it. To the glory of God. There is only one reason
why our endeavors stand, because they come from him. Psalm 127 unless God builds a house
we build in vain. If God builds that house, it is not in vain. If we are hearing the voice of Christ, it
is not in vain. It is the healing of the soul. My son is a fool. My son is a disappointment. My son has broken my heart. My daughter is or my wife has become a sad person.

I lost my house in a foreclosure or my best friend has died. And on and on it goes. There are so many continual
droppings that happen in this world. Jesus didn’t promise us to get us out of it. He told us I’ll be
with you in it. Redemption. My victory. The Cross. My person. I’ll speak to you. Where is your
brother? Lord, thank you for asking the question. Thank you for asking. I killed him. I killed him.
I’m God. I forgive you. I heal you. I save you. I am the one. You put on the Lord Jesus. You hear
the voice and the feeling of the healing and the victory of the Spirit and then more people
come. I want to be in a church like that. You’re not self-righteous. You’re humble. You’re not
talking about foolish things. Going around talking about chatter and talk about foolish things in
a foolish world. I don’t want to hear about the news.

I want to hear about Christ. I can hear about it. I just have to turn it on. It’s everywhere and pick up a phone. But I don’t care about those things as much as the healing, the ministry. If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles
of God. I got a little taste of Facebook. I’m not on any of those social media things, but I got a
little taste of it. Someone sent me some stuff. I go, yuck! Yuck! People live in that? People are
licking and disliking and chattering and accusing and all that? Thank you, Jesus. Thank you,
Jesus. I am so ignorant of what everybody is talking about and keep me that way. Does it really
matter? I hear this anyway (drip, drip). I don’t need help to hear anymore of that. You want to
hear that all the time? Is that where you want to live? You want to hear that all the time? Is
that your life? Is that your soul? You will lie down in sorrow. You will lie down in sorrow. You
will violate Scripture. You will violate the plan of God. You will miss your calling. You will be
living the life of a fool.

Foolishness. All the trash and the talk and the chatter and then imagine
listening to all that stuff and pushing this book to the side. Later. Later. There is no relationship.
You put off the old man and put on the new man and you start to give no place to the devil it
says there. Vs. 27. Where is the holy of holies? Where is the blood that cleanses me? Where is
the water of the Word? Where is the mind of Christ that will use me. I have a message in a dark
time. I have a message to the world about Jesus Christ in a dark time not only in evangelism but
in the way of life, how to live, how to think. That’s the message. Amen. Listen to this list:
receive one another, admonish one another, salute one another, greet one another, serve one
another, be kind to one another, forebear one another. Forgive. I have about 13 of these.
Exhort, consider one another. Pray with me.


Please enjoy these sermon notes from the messages preached at Greater Grace Church in Baltimore. These notes are provided to aid in your study and understanding of the Word. Note that these notes do not represent complete, word-for-word transcriptions. Also, they may contain omissions as well as some errors in spelling and structure, etc., as we attempt to provide them as soon as possible. Our hope is that these notes serve as a way to help you search and connect with messages on related subjects and passages. Thank you for your interest in the ministry of Greater Grace.

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