Ce Sauveur Méprisé qui Lave les Pieds

Intervenant(s) : Thomas Schaller, Eugene Davis
Sermon 12480
9h00 le 26/03/2023


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    Attobian amen says:

    Tremendous, powerful preaching, I am blessed. from Togo Sévagan

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      Isabelle Palmieri says:

      Dear Amen, thank you for your feedback! Yes they were powerful words! Please make your people know about those messages in french language, and give them the link, so they can listen to them also! OK? Thanks!
      You are a blessed man!
      The team

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    Attobian amen says:

    thank you very much my mom, really these messages have blessed me, and I will share the link for others. I salute all the brothers in Baltimore.

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