The Most High, Your Dwelling Place (Russian)

(Eze 36:26 / Ps 91:1-7)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11850
11:00 AM on 3/8/2020

P. Schaller –

Ezek. 36:26, Good morning. Easter is coming and we have Jesus buried in a tomb. You know the story, right? Was
he buried in a sepulcher? Anyone know what it means? Sepulcher. We don’t use it so much in
modern English. It’s a stone, a burial place hewn out of stone. Jesus was buried in stone. We
can draw a picture of the burial. He was buried in a tomb, in a rock. This is a rock. In a way,
when he came, he came to come into our hearts, but our hearts were hearts of stone. That we
could say our hearts, our stony hearts and we rejected him because there was no place for him
in us.

There was no place for Christ in us. We rejected him. He was buried in stone. Very similar
to what he was looking for was to be in us. But there was no place in us for him. He was buried
in stone. Why wasn’t there a place for him in our stony hearts? Our stony hearts are filled with
ourselves. I. I don’t have time. I am better than you. I have my life to live. I. My life makes my
heart a heart of stone. Matthew. 24:12 that the increase of iniquity that iniquity grows and because of
iniquity then the love of many shall wax cold.

People get cold because of iniquity which is a love of self. Iniquity was found in Lucifer and because it was found in him, he was cast out of heaven in Is. 14. Ezekiel. 36:26, this morning we want to speak about Psalm 91 in light of the coronavirus plague that is going around the world and we understand it. We see it a lot on the news and so
on. I want to lead you. I want to lead you as a church and as a believer in thinking the right way
about this. Because our hearts are different. God has changed our hearts and given us a heart
of flesh. We are able to hear from God and be led by God in Psalm 91.

That psalm we will look after the offering. It teaches us we are different. There is something about us God has done by his grace. I was not always a believer. I was an enemy of God and had a stony heart. I cared
more about myself than God and his plan. Then Jesus came into my life and gave me a new
heart. By that new heart, we have a capacity for worship. We are worshipers. Jesus is
welcome into our lives. He is there and we are walking with him. How can two walk together
unless they be in agreement. How can I be in agreement with God unless given the heart of

Our new birth, being born of the Spirit, we have a new spirit and new heart and now we
are worshipers. We see it in the Bible over and over again these worshipers of God how God
dealt with them and led them. Noah was a worshiper of God. Look at what he did. He built an
ark. Moses was a worshiper of God. Look at what happened. He led the people out of Egypt.
Beautiful. This morning, I want you to be edified, built up in Christ, grow in grace and
knowledge and learn what God has to say to us about this time. We are not the people that live
in fear. We live in the hiding place of the most High.

The holy place, the hiding place, in the shadow of the Almighty. Take a minute and say to your neighbor something about this sketch on the board. Can you explain that to me? I didn’t get it. I woke up an hour late and I’m not in
tune yet. Explain to your neighbor what I just said. Thank you. Usually I would have you turn to
your neighbor and hug and kiss them and everything else. That’s not popular anymore. We got
to be wise in these times we are living. Is that correct? I think so. I remember P. Stevens
teaching about opening up doorknobs with a Kleenex.

He was very conscious of germs. How many remember that? Pastor and germs like touching. We have that training in our background. I think there is wisdom in it. We are living in a great time of faith and a lot of need
for us to be wise in these days we are living in. I’m excited about it. We cancelled Eurocon because of the virus and the spreading of it because we care about our people and we care
about the elderly people who are more vulnerable. We’re tracking it. We’re knowledgeable.
We’re not naïve and ignorant of what is happening.

That being said, we are also very bold in our faith and wise by God’s grace. This week at 11:00 in the morning starting Tuesday morning we will have a Eurocon session that will be archived, not live, and we will be posting them so people in Europe and anywhere in the world can see that material. That will be one hour in the
morning from 11 to 12 starting Tuesday morning. That will be a good time to minister. We are
praising God today. Let’s lift our hands. You can’t touch your neighbor but lift your hands and
say halleluiah, halleluiah. We are your people. We want to have a message Lord from our
hearts. (prayer).

We are also thinking of having an all-night prayer meeting. Maybe Friday night.
It’s not exactly all night. It will start at 9 and end at 3 in the morning. I think we will do that.
That will be one night this week, maybe Friday. I haven’t confirmed it yet with the schedule.
You can listen to Grace Hour and get the update on that. Prayer. Prayer. Wow. Turn to your
neighbor and say, let us pray together. Go ahead. Let us pray together. Let’s pray together this
week. Praise the Lord. You may be seated.

Revelation. 9, just to show you something about the hard heart. Our first point is this stony heart and what is it. A stony heart or a hard heart. When people suffer, sometimes they get humble but not always. Sometimes they get hard. When Pharaoh was in Egypt as the leader and the king of that country, plagues came. When the
plagues came to Egypt, it should have softened his heart, but it hardened his heart. That can
happen because the heart of man is in Jeremiah 17 a mystery and it is deceitful and desperately
wicked. The heart of man. It’s one of our main teachings in our Christianity in our evangelical
faith, in our Bible understanding, in our teaching.

Total depravity. That man may look good and act good and act compassionate and care about people and show many good and precious things but behind it is pride in Psalm 36:9. That man is proud. All the way through. Mark 7:21-22 Jesus gave a list of thirteen things that come out of the heart of man. Not one of them is good.
Why not? Isn’t man good? That’s the message of the world. I’ve heard it all my life. Man is
essentially good. It’s his environment that makes his bad. It’s a lack of money, poverty,
hardship, family, upbringing, culture.

God goes right to the point and sees it much deeper. There is no good thing that dwells in him in Romans 7:18. What about the goodness out of man’s heart we see in everyday life? We thank God for that but what if it was tested. Let me say it again. If man’s heart was tested, if it was tested, he would cry out, Barabbas, Barabbas,
Set Barabbas free. What shall we do with the one called Christ? Crucify him. Crucify him. That’s
the nature of man. When Jesus died on the cross, the whole message is I am innocent, but you
crucified me as guilty. Actually you are guilty, and I am innocent. Christ is innocent and man is
guilty of sin. Biggest problem in a man’s life is in his sin nature. The second one is the devil.
Notice in Rev. 9:20 this is a time of great crisis. If you took all the trouble that has happened in
the world thus far governmentally, politically, – the war, the disease, pandemics and epidemics,
all kinds of problems man has had, – we cannot quantitatively make a comparison, but we can
say this is the most difficult and challenging time in the history of man. It’s called the
Tribulation period, a seven year period of time of incredible pandemonium. Huge loss of human
life, billions of people dying. Billions not millions. Billions are dying. A large part of the human

population. We are in a critical time. Vs. 20. Yet repented not of the works of their hands. I
want to go slow on that one. Men are dying by plagues, huge medical problems happening in
the Tribulation period. Not now. We are in the beginning of sorrows. There will be earthquakes
and pestilences as we are seeing now with the coronavirus. This is a small amount of trouble
compared to what will happen in the Tribulation period.

Even in the crisis, man cannot find it in his heart to repent. He gets angry like Pharaoh in Egypt. He cannot let the Jews go. He cannot agree with Moses. Pharaoh is not changing. In the heart of man we can see both of these things
happening. 1) I am angry. Why would God do this to me? Why would God do this to my child?
Why would God do this to my country? Why would God do this in the world? I hate God. There
is no brokenness. Only stony hearts. Before that day comes, we are alive here in this world and
have found something beautiful and that is when God reaches his arms out like he did on the
cross and shows us love, it touches us.

By his grace he visits us and draws us to his love, and we
respond by faith. He gives us a new heart, a heart of flesh. A heart that is like the heart we read
by the men and women of God in the Bible who did amazing things and became amazing
people because of the new heart given to them by God’s grace. Jesus said the kingdom of God
is like seed sown in the grown and some of it falls in this kind of ground hard, this kind of
ground in the thorns, this kind of ground which springs up and dies quickly and this kind of
ground which is good and sincere heart. That’s your heart. That’s your new heart.

A good and sincere heart that is about to receive the Word, the seed, the Word of God and it grows in us
and that is where we are today. We are a different kind of people because we have something
growing in us. We have the Word of God that is growing. We are receiving it. There is a place
for God in our lives. Psalm 91:1 is called the secret place of the most High. How are we doing? Do
you get it? Okay. I think so. Let’s go to Psalm 91. It’s funny when you are preaching, a message
can go in different directions and waiting on God to guide and lead me on what to say next.

I think we could park there, draw a picture up there and sit there for a minute and
process it and think about it. I mentioned last week someone I met; they were angry with God.
remember I told the story. They didn’t want to talk to me. They didn’t want to talk about it
because they are hurt. The heart of man by himself is easily offended. Easily hurt. Easily
offended. Easily worried. Easily Troubled. Easily nervous. Easily afraid. Worried and troubled
and afraid easily because of his heart. He has desires in his heart. Some of them are sinful
things that happen in my heart.

They come and my sin is there. Sinful things. Planning. My toys are in my heart. The things not really serious are in my heart. There is a lot in my heart. I come to God. I come to church. I keep coming to church. God is going to take care of us. God is going to lead us and teach us. Our hearts are receiving, and we are growing in our faith. I have toys, the light things I play around with but then I have something Jesus called the weightier matters
of Matthew 23 like eternal life. When you talk on the street to someone about the virus and
you start talking and you could have a conversation and they could be worried and afraid. You
can introduce to them something new.

Have you thought about dying? Have you thought about
God? Have you thought about heaven? Have you thought about hell? Then you wait for them
to answer you. You have some conversation with somebody who is in trouble. They are in
trouble and you aren’t. They are in trouble and you are not because you have eternal life, John. 5:24. The Holy Spirit is your comforter and teacher and because you dwell in the secret place of the
most High. Isn’t that good? Psalm 91:1, there is a difference between a hotel in your house. What
is the difference between a hotel and your house? It’s free.

Not my house! What is it? What’s the difference? Wait a minute. I go to the hotel. How long do I live there? One day. Two days. I go to my house. How long do I live there? What is the difference between visiting a hotel or
dwelling in my house? What does it say? He that dwells, he lives there in the secret place of the
most High. He’s not visiting. He’s planted there. The secret place of the most High other people
don’t know about it. It’s a hiding place. It’s a secret place. It’s a place where you are with God
and God is with you. Do you know who wrote Psalm 90? The psalm before was written by
Moses and he had no house. Where did he live?

He lived in the desert. What did he say? God is my habitation. Psalm 90:1, The Lord has been our dwelling place. Moses, where do you live? I live in God. God is my dwelling place. I’d much rather have a spiritual life than a physical life. Everyone is looking for their housing and of course that is an important part of our lives, I don’t
deny that. But what if you have a house that is a dwelling place that is God? I have a house for
my body, but do I have a house for my soul? I need a place for my soul to live. Wow. I need a
place for my mind and heart to rest. I need a place where I don’t worry. I’m not afraid. I need a
place where I can sit down and stretch out.

I got my little place at my house. I’ve seen people with the most comfortable houses that are worried day and night. I’ve seen people with a perfect house, and you can’t even imagine someone having so much comfort and convenience that you would ever want and yet be so miserable because they don’t have a house for their
soul. They don’t have a hiding place, the secret place of the most High. This is what the psalm is
about. It must be that Moses had a hiding place when he went into Egypt. You know what I
read last night? God told Moses to go back to Egypt. Moses is concerned about the people
there and God said to him, the men that seek your life have died. Moses was probably, oh, oh,
okay. I can go back.

They died. When God is with you, he’s with you. When you are blessed, you
are blessed. When God is leading you, God is leading you. What a great crowd. Hallelujah!
Praise the Lord! Lord help us and lead us in the secret place of the most High. Moses had it. He
did. He had it. He had something going on. You need it and I need it. There is no difference
between us and Moses. Jesus made it sure that we would have everything that Moses had and
more because we need this place of our soul. Stony hearts don’t get it. Stony hearts have too
much going on in their stoniness.

John 10 they wanted to stone Jesus. I have a stony heart and I
could throw my stony heart at Jesus and destroy Jesus because of my stony heart. Because we
hated Jesus, we buried him in our stony heart in the sepulcher. He overcame our stony heart by
the resurrection, the grace of God, the mind of God. Now we will have a hiding place and it will
be a heart of flesh that will be able to receive God’s mind and say I’m not that important. Yeh,
I’ll give you a little tip. I’m reading a book about Amish people and Amish children and culture.
I’m finding very interesting things about their culture that very much parallels spiritual life.

These kids are generally happy. There is a lot to say about it. There’s certain words. They speak
a dialect of German. That’s their mother tongue. They learn English when they are six years old
and they go to school. I say all that to say I would like to make a comparison what it is when a
child is raised, and they are not the center. A child is not the center of their family. The mother and father are the center and the children learn how to work, behave, appreciate and also learn
not to be at the center of life. You know how parents they call it helicopter parenting. They are
hovering over the kids and want to make sure they are happy.

Amish people don’t do that. They don’t hover over the kids to make sure they are happy. It’s not about the kids being happy. It’s about them being responsible, loved and going with the flow. There is no method. It’s a
mentality that comes from something. I know those dear folks; we all need the Gospel. There is
nobody that is automatically born again. We all must be born again. I just am talking in general
terms about two different philosophies of life. One is where the flesh of the child or a woman
or man, husband or wife dominate in the scene and it’s a heart of stone. When the Sprit of God
is teaching us about the secret place of the most High we have a heart of flesh.

We say Jesus is the point. Jesus is the point. It’s not so much about us. It’s what is Jesus doing? What is Jesus
saying? What is Jesus’ plan? What is God’s will? This is generally the things that happens if you
talk to Moses or Abraham they would all say I want to walk before God and trust him. God will
take care of us. God will take care of us. It’s a good word. You are dead and your life is hid with
Christ in God, Colossians 3:3. That theme on the Amish people, I’ll throw things out here and there the
next weeks about it. It’s fascinating. I don’t have anything absolute to say about it. Only the
principle. Vs. 1.

The idea is shadow of the Almighty is the idea of protection. Caring. Wings
caring for the young and putting the wings out and covering the ducklings or chicks and the
mother caring for the flock of birds. God cares for us. He is the one that hovers over us. He is
gathering us to himself. You ask Noah what is going on? He’d say I have this in my heart. What
is in your heart? God told me to build an ark? Why? He’s doing something. It’s in my heart. It’s
in my heart. He’s doing something. I believe this. It’s in my heart. I think sometimes what is in
our heart we get condemned. It’s in our hearts.

We wrestle with failures and get disappointed
with ourselves. If you ask Noah or Abraham or Moses, you find people that say I’m not worried
about it. God is big and I’m a worshiper of God. This is something that is happening. Abraham
would say I’m just going. I don’t know much about it. It’s in my heart. My heart is soft. I’m
available. I’m a worshiper. I can’t really tell you. How about you, Noah? Same thing. I’m
building this ark. I’m very much persuaded this has to be done. It’s clear to me. How did that
happen? How did that happen to you Noah? It’s in my heart. It’s in my heart. We are living in a
time when men and women live together without getting married.

I want to say to all of us everywhere just to say check that out and see what is in God’s heart. Marriage is in God’s heart. He wants us to be serious in our relationships. When we get married we say this is it. I’m saying
yes to you. I’m a man. I’m putting my big boy pants on. You are my woman. You are my wife.
That’s it. Done. You are my wife. I am your man. The divorce rate with Amish people is less than
1%. Do they have problems? Do they have marriage problems? Yes, they do. But there is
something bigger than my happiness. I have to find something bigger than just me being happy.
I say that not to condemn anyone but just think with me.

Have I always been in the secret place of the most High? No. Have I always been under the shadow of the Almighty? No. Have I had a stony heart? Yes. Have I departed from God? Yes, I have. Even when I departed from God it was something troubling me. Like Lot, it vexed his righteous heart every day. He knew it wasn’t right
because he was a righteous man and a child of God. There was something he was looking for. There was something deeper and that’s what he wanted. He found it. We can make those
decisions that bring us to that place where we get our life right. Listen to this: you know that
people are getting serious right now because of this virus.

You know they are getting serous about it. People are starting to get worried and we are saying come on. Come on. Are you ready to meet God? Come on. Think about it. I know you have been playing the games. You’ve been
talking about this and that and you’ve done all that and all the things but come on. Death is
knocking at your door. Are you ready to meet God? No, I’m not. I don’t want to talk about it. I
don’t want to know about it. Any time you are interested, I can talk to you about it. Some will
say. What about you? You can say I got a message for you. God loves you.

Now is the time. Now is the time to humble yourself before God and say to God, save me. Now is the time to come to Jesus and say save me. Have mercy on me. Forgive me and believe in him. That’s the day we are
living in. We are living in the most important time. We are living in the time of a pestilence. A
plague. A time of a pandemic, potentially that goes around the world. We are living in an
amazing time. Who are we? We are people that are dwelling in a secret place with a message in
our hearts. Vs. 2. It means what we have here at Fort McHenry. That fort took a beating in

The British ships were out just about where Francis Scott Key bridge is. They were about
1.5 miles out. The fort canon could only go a mile. So the fort canons were useless, and they
were just sending bombs a mile and a half into the fort for 24 hours. But it stood. That fortress
is one thing, but our God is a mighty fortress. Fort McHenry is a great fort and served a great
purpose, but our God can never be overcome by anything that is thrown at him. We are in him.
We are under his shadow, cared for, known, embraced.

Our name in the Book. Indwelt. We have a God that cares for us and protects us. Vs. 3. The fowler is the bird catcher. The bird catcher is any number of things that can catch you in this life. A bad business partner could be a
fowler, a bird catcher. He catches you in his trap. There are traps everywhere. There are traps
in relationships with men and women. There are snares with teenagers and schools and bosses
and work and managers and companies. There are fowlers that can catch us like a bird catcher
could catch a bird. Vs. 3. That is the coronavirus. Really? Yep. Yeah. Yep. That’s what it says.
What will he do? Deliver you from the noisome pestilence.

Truth. When Moses died nobody knew about it except God because they didn’t have a body. They never found the body of Moses so in a sense he disappeared. God said to the Jewish people, Moses is dead. They started
to weep, and they mourned for a whole month. God said to Joshua, you are to be very
courageous and very strong and don’t be teaching anything other than the Word. Let the Word
come out of your mouth. If this Word is in your mouth and you live by the Word of God, then
wherever your foot goes, you will take that territory in chapter 1:5.

Only be very careful to be courageous and be believing what I say. I would say Moses was the man. He did everything. He brought us out of Egypt. He prayed for the water, the salt water to be fresh water. He prayed
for the manna. He prayed for the birds to come in. He was the man. Everything we had was
because of Moses. God could say yeah. But who was Moses but somebody that knew me and
walked with me, that had a heart of flesh like you have. You have a heart of flesh so you can say
I want to learn the Bible. I have a heart of flesh, so I want to learn about faith. I have a heart of
flesh, so I want to know God’s heart.

I have a heart of flesh because we are running into trouble in this world and we need a heart of flesh. I have a heart of flesh because I want to learn love. I want to have a heart of flesh because I want to learn to live by faith, receive what God is saying in his Word, not to be angry with God and not to disagree with him on what he is saying. I want
to have a heart of flesh that can receive what he is saying. Vs. 5. I don’t know about you, but I
don’t watch late night news. That’s terror. That’s terror. I could watch it, but I don’t care about
it. I’m sorry about it. I have a few things to say about the violence on the streets of Baltimore. I
am ripping angry about it. It’s totally unacceptable.

I got a whole bunch of things to say about it. I denounce it. I detest it. I defy it. I don’t agree with it. It is murder. It is lawlessness. It is unacceptable It is wrong. It contradicts our very nature. I refuse to accept it. It is not normal. It
is wrong. It is lawless murder and stony hearts and wickedness and the whole thing is
happening in front of us. But we have hearts of flesh. We weep with those that weep. We care
about it. We can think about it and fight against it. We can say I don’t accept it. I don’t accept it
at all because we have this way. We are in the secret place of the most High so we can make a
change. We are in the secret place of the most High so we can be active. We are in the secret
place of the most High so we can get serious about the serious things.

We are in the secret place of the most High so we can go to church. We are in the secret place of the most High so
that we can live by faith. We are in the secret place of the most High so we can go to the
mission field. We can be right on a mission field here in Baltimore city. We’re in the secret place
with God. Okay. Let’s finish. Vs. 5. There are arrows that may come to you through the daytime.
They can travel from one house to another, from one phone call to another. They are arrows
but they don’t touch me. I don’t care about a lot of those arrows.

They can be scandalous arrows. They can be arrows that have nothing to do with reality. That’s not where God is living. Be careful to choose your fights. Don’t come down low in the gossip. Arrows. That’s not me.
People can say bad things about you, but the important thing is, who are you? Who are you?
Remember that story about a guy who had a bunch of friends in the city and he got a phone
call. The guy said in a mysterious low tone voice he said get out of town immediately. I know
everything. That guy packed up his bags and got out of town. It was a prank call! It was a joke. I
know everything. The guy took off.

That’s Proverbs 28:1. The wicked flee when no one pursues but the righteous are bold as a lion. When you are in the secret place of the most High, you have a confidence about who you are, and gossip doesn’t touch you. You don’t have to fight little enemies that are meaningless. What is a lie? A lie is a lie. You live in truth and the truth
goes marching on. Last thing, vs. 6. We care about the people who have suffered from the
tornadoes in the mid-west, for the people that are dying from the flu or virus. We care but at the
same time, we are people that are not living in fear.

We have hearts of flesh that are enjoying the fact that God is our God and he is caring for us and covering us. Vs. 7. In finishing, when the devil talked to Jesus, I’m sure the devil was so excited about saying this. He put him up on the
top, the pinnacle of the temple. The Bible says. The Bible says he will give his angels charge over
you to keep your in all your ways and bear you up in their hands lest you dash your foot against
a stone. Vs. 11-12. I can see the devil mocking the Bible, mocking the Bible. God says he will
protect by his angels. Ah ha ha ha. I think the devil likes to use this psalm and in our hearts say
he won’t protect you. He will not deliver you.

This is not true for you. But I think we have the authority in God to say back to the devil, thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. We are not using this to tempt God, but we are using it in humility to say to God, I believe you. You will be my protector. You will be my helper. You will help me and guide me. You are a living God.
You’ve done it many times and will do it many more times. Whatever your will is, I am
submitted to it because I have a heart of flesh. You gave it to me at my new birth. I’m growing
in it in my faith, I’m receiving what you have to say to me, and you are ministering to me this.



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