The New Covenant Written on Our Hearts (Russian)

The Lord is our God and He has written His Word on our hearts. We are to walk as sons of God in His Spirit. He shall call deeper and deeper into Him. (Jeremiah 31:31-34; Leviticus 19:3-4, 12, 14)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Glen Cannon
Sermon 11903
6:30 PM on 6/14/2020

P. Cannon –

Good to see you. What a night. This is great. Let’s pray. I want to remind folks next Saturday at 1 we will
have our graduation. It will be a blessing to our 18 grads if you can be here. If not, you can
watch it online. Hello all you online watchers. I got to catch the women’s retreat on Friday
night. It was amazing. They were speaking about Ruth. I was thinking of Ruth 2:15-16. It’s a
scheme Boaz had. He had his eye on Ruth. He had a great love for this poor Moabite woman
gleaning the fields after all the workers are gone. That’s what we are doing. We come to glean
to gather. He had a plan. Drop bundles on purpose. Be sloppy in your gathering. There is this
woman and I want her to be able to without rebuke gather as much as she needs and more
than she needs. I love the picture of Ruth coming home with 60 pounds of grain.

And Naomi looking at this abundance. What was she thinking? I think someone loves you! God is doing
something. His lovingkindness is being commanded by God. One verse I’d like to share, Psalm
42. We had such a great semester. We have a special study Body and as a teacher, I’m already
preparing for next semester. I’ll be teaching Intro to Theology. I’ve been enjoying studying the
Trinity. You hear the word and think it’s a high doctrine. It’s so personal. In Psalm 42, the first
thought is vs. 7. Deep calls unto deep. I think about the believer coming to the Word of God.
Here we are today, and the Word is being preached and the inner man, the inner person, the
deepest part of our soul we don’t even know but God knows.

The Holy Spirit, what a gift given to us. Jesus calls. Why are we here? We want to hear his sweet voice. Whatever he says because of that great love he has for us we follow. We follow him. Our whole life maybe 50 or
60 years if God is gracious, we are still following and deep is still calling to the deep and we
need it. The deep things of God. That’s what I’m studying. I want to know the mind of God, who
my God is. Without Jesus, this wouldn’t be possible. 1 Corinthians 2 says eye has not seen neither ear
heard the things God prepared for those that love him. Ruth had no idea how much food would
be there. There’s love, gathering, gathering. In India, lots of monkeys there. You can buy
peanuts and feed the monkeys. They were wild. We used to have fun throwing peanut after
peanut. They would be so full they would store the peanuts in their neck.

We used to see if we gave them so much they couldn’t walk because their neck was so – this is how God is! He is
pouring into our lives. God has revealed them unto us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches the deep
things of God. This is the deep calling unto the deep. No one knows the Father but the
Son…and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal him. This is the feast and Jesus our Lord and
Savior desires to show us the Father. We need those deep things vs. 8. Nighttime and daytime. I
don’t know about you, but this was a heavenly day weather-wise sitting out in the warm sun
and looking at Creation. I felt today so at rest. This is one of the gifts of being human,
experiencing God’s Creation. It’s a reflection of his love and care.

Every day, God is commanding his lovingkindness, his nature towards us, his great love toward us. Then the night
times. Sometimes we can’t sleep and in the night his song shall be with me. One of the things
that touched me most in both services was the testimony of Martin Luther King and getting
that call and thinking the exit strategy, how can I turn the tide. The discouragement. I saw the
movie called Selma. He gets the call then the true thing we read today. In the movie, he gets
the call and he’s in his kitchen and he calls Mahalia Jackson. He says I can’t do this. She starts to

sing. She had the most beautiful voice. She’s singing to Martin Luther King and he’s weeping in
his kitchen. Our pastor has been giving these beautiful devotionals. He’s been singing and going
through the hymns. Such a god job, P. Schaller. He has given us a voice, a song. Sometimes
other people need that. It’s not just for us. It’s for others. We have these big necks because he’s
given us so much. It’s not just for us. It’s to be poured out.

P. Schaller –

I had a great day today, too. How about you? My neck is full. My neck is full. Good to see Bryan here. What a great couple. We had our service at 9:00. P. Love gave a Holy Spirit inspired message. It was awesome. Then in the parking lot and we decided we’ll build a little patio out the door there for our coffee. We’ll have a café and run an underground tunnel out! We’ll have a good summer by God’s grace. Also for nursery to look for the workers for our nursery and our youth work during the services as people are coming back and bringing children. We are walking in wisdom with regard to the timing that we have. Wear a mask if you are high risk. Do that as God leads you. One brother said I’m a high-risk person. Should I stay home? I said, yeah, stay home a little longer for you. He came anyway. That’s P. Ron Swingle. You know the whole story. I would also like to say we are very encouraged that the Holy Spirit has been leading us in our time and the Holy Spirit satisfying us in our hearts personally. The
morning message on our heart. There were three parts.

The importance of our hearts. How valuable the heart of man, the heart of a woman, the heart of a child. The heart. How much living happens in the heart. If the heart isn’t right, how powerful that is. 2) Acts 8:21, Peter said
to Simon the sorcerer who said he believed in Jesus and was water baptized. Peter said your
heart is not right in the sight of God. My heart is not right in the sight of God. Can that happen
to us? In his case, he was not a believer though he had the markings on the surface. He had not
been regenerated, not born again. His heart was not right. He wanted to buy the Holy Spirit
with money like some of you tonight! God’s going to deal with you in this message! 2 Kings
10:32, Jehu was a king in Israel. He started pretty well.

He was anointed to be the king by Elijah, but it says his heart was not right. 2 Chronicles 25:2 he did everything that was right in the eyes of the Lord but not with a perfect heart. The heart wasn’t right. Going to the mission field and my heart is not right. Going to church and my heart is not right. Being involved in an outreach and
my heart is not right. Being a pastor. I heard a message by P. Stevens rebuking a pastor at the
conference. He said you don’t make it a priority to come to Convention. Your heart is not right.
Those exhortations are refreshing. Your heart is not right before God. I’m sure you didn’t come
to hear that, but you are hearing it. A man of God before preaching he said I got to get my heart
right before God. I said, you should have gotten it right before you came here! My heart moves
and changes in life.

The hearts of men. The hearts of kings. The hearts of pastors. The hearts of
Christians. The hearts of people. Proverbs 4:23 guard your heart. Guard it with all diligence.
Everything about you is going to come out through that heart. There is a diagram in Bible
Psychology. It’s a house and the house is my mind. There is a skylight like this. It lets light inside.
That skylight is my heart. How does the mind get enlightened? How can the mind understand?
How can the mind be renewed? Through the heart. If my heart is evil, my mind will be
darkened. Ephesians 4:18. If my heart isn’t right, what is God going to say to me? That’s a great message. Proverbs 3:5 trust in the Lord with all your heart.

That brings us to Jeremiah 31:31. Wasn’t P. Cannon’s message sweet, precious, touching. Beautiful. Thank you, pastor. Vs. 32. I want to show you something. Leviticus 19:3, I don’t want to lose you. I believe you are right with me. I pray the Spirit will minister to us. Then he says what? I am the Lord your God. Vs. 4. Then what does
he say? I am the Lord your God. Go through these commandments and read how many times
he says I am the Lord your God. Vs. 12, 14. Have you as a parent – and if go through the whole
chapter, I am the Lord. I’m telling you to do this. I am the Lord. How about as a parent? Has
your child ever said, you say clean your room. Why? I am your parent. Got any questions? I’m in
charge. That’s the meaning. If you don’t know the Lord, why would you do it? Why would you
keep his law?

A parent says to the child, clean your room because I want to train you, lead you,
learn about a blessing, show you something. It’s not “I am your parent” alone. It may be when
you’re angry. I’m your father. Don’t talk back to me. Do your duty. That’s one way. When God
did that, it didn’t work. I’m going to give you a New Covenant and show you something you
didn’t have before. I said I’m God but that wasn’t enough for you. You didn’t know who I was.
When Jesus comes into the world, we find out who God is. I don’t want you to believe Jesus
wasn’t in the Old Testament showing himself to people. David, Isaiah, Solomon knew the Lord.
Women of God knew the Lord and so do you.

Jeremiah 31:33. I will put my law in their inward parts, in your spirit, in your heart. Can you imagine that you and I have it in our heart. We have Christ in us, in our spirit, in our hearts. He would put that in us and now we live by faith. Listen. I am very encouraged by the fact anyone of us could go to a Greater Grace church in India and in
India is the same Christ in that church, the same message, the same person, the same
fellowship. As you are in India with those people that are believers? This feels just like – you can
go around the world. Nobody can get any credit for that except God who said I’ll put Christ in
that person. That person’s new heart is like yours.

Acts 13:22 it’s like David’s. A heart after God. I want to go. I would like more of the preaching of the Word to exhort me and reprove me because I have a heart for God. I want more of a pulpit ministry that will challenge my flesh,
because I want more of God. More doctrine in my heart so I can obey from that ….we would be
walking upon the high places of the enemy. Deuteronomy 33:27-29, we will find our enemies to be liars
unto us. You’re a liar and we will walk on their high places. Freudian psychology said sex is like
an appetite. And it’s normal and natural and indulge yourself, and its part of your makeup as a
person. I’m following Jesus and say, liar. 1 Corinthians 6.

The stomach is for the food and the body for the Lord. He that is joined to a harlot is one flesh but he that is joined to the Lord is one spirit. That’s the doctrine, the meditation that comes from the new heart I didn’t have before. The
Holy Spirit and objective truth go together so we walk upon the high places of the devil. He’s
over us. We say Jesus is over you. We are far above all principalities and power and might and
dominion and every name named in this world and that which is to come. You are a liar. If I
followed that Freudian psychology to the end, I would be sleeping around town and excusing
myself and my guilt and living like a dog. Men of God live like a holy, Almighty living God and
are filled with the Spirit and hate the sin and the iniquity.

They are not walking as men. They are walking as the son of God. We are glorifying God. We have a great honor. We do. These things were not invented by us. These things were spoken to us by God who gave us a New Covenant. Vs. 32-33. What will you write in my heart? If he wrote the Bible for me, wouldn’t he
write the Bible in my heart? You have to pour it little by little because the neck of the bottle is
narrow. You can’t pour everything into the child all at once. Don’t give up. Little by little pour it
in. God is teaching us how. Whom shall I teach doctrine and make to understand the wisdom?
Here a little, there a little, line upon line and precept upon precept. We will be weaned from
the milk and grow up and eat solid food later.

Hebrews 5:14 we’ll have discernment. John 8:12, Matthew 5:14, you and I are the light of the world, salt of the earth. We are different from the world. The point of Martin Luther King is he was confronted with the challenge of quitting the Civil Rights Movement, but they needed a leader. People need a leader but what kind? A righteous leader.
A leader that has learned doctrine little by little. Can’t quit because the Holy Spirit leads you.
When he wanted to quit, didn’t he say the Spirit of God flooded him and gave him strength and
encouragement. We don’t need the foolishness of ungodliness and unrighteousness and
worldly strife and division, but we need the fruit of the New Covenant, so we have church life
based on something higher than ourselves. Psalm. 62 organizations will not survive without
godliness that is imparted from heaven.

Where did the new heart come from? Heaven. What does he write in the heart? What heaven says. What does the Holy Spirit want to say? Who Jesus is. What is written in our heart? A finished work message. What do we have in our heart? A hunger and desire for spiritual life not fighting and hatred and racism, and the human
elements. He doesn’t write that in our hearts. He writes something from heaven in our hearts
and holiness is one of them. Isaiah 6 holy, holy, holy, the archangels are saying. It doesn’t say
wisdom, wisdom, wisdom. It does say, “oh earth, earth, earth hear the word of the Lord.” But I
like those three words “oh earth, earth, earth.” I remember when David lost Absalom. Oh
Absalom, oh Absalom, my son, my son. I think I counted 5 times.

The groaning, the brokenness, the sorrow of his heart. Holy, holy, holy is the root of our power. That’s where unity comes from. I’m tired of hearing about strife and struggle in churches…and negativity and unbelief. All
kinds of human things. Paul said to the Corinthians, why do you walk as men? Why are there
divisions among you? Why are you jealous and envious? Why do you walk as men? There is a
New Covenant. This is our history. Many of you know it. I mean this in the most sacred way. We
have heard from God. He hasn’t forsaken us. I believe our future is bright. I believe our summer
is a blessed one. God leads us through these things, and we learn how to walk and relate to the
things above.

Our country is in great need for wisdom and holiness and people to find Jesus. It’s
in great need for people to be serious with God and count the cost. I can’t build a tower unless I
sit down and figure out what it will cost me. Don’t even start unless you have $20,000. Let’s put
big numbers. Don’t start unless you have 2 million. I’ll got a second chance place and I got a
cheaper version. This costs you your life, your future, all your talent, everything you are. Give
him your whole heart. He’s God. Isn’t he worthy of everything? He is God. Give him your whole
heart. All the stuff we have as people. Vs. 34. It is true. There are people that know the Lord
without me saying a thing. God did it. We had a brother in Turkmenistan. 157 degrees
Fahrenheit in the city in the summer.

The air conditioning is cranked to a maximum….a hot desert country. Muslim country. Soviet times. This brother said to me, he came and heard and got saved. He told his mother I became a Christian. She cried all day. You cannot be. You are a Muslim. He said I believe in Jesus. He had to leave for safety. He had to leave home for six
months. He came to Budapest and we were teaching him in the Bible. I said, why would you do
that? He said Jesus did it. He said Jesus came into my life. We hardly knew you. He said Jesus
did it. God was saying I’m going to do this, and nobody will be, we are preachers and pastors
and so on but I’m trying to say something. They will know me. It will happen in them. They will
know me. There will be change in their heart. The Spirit will fill them.

From the least to the greatest they will know me. There was a servant in Herod’s household. A disciple brought up in
the school of Herod and this man was a disciple. How did it happen? It was God that did it. It
was the New Covenant. Psalm 139 is your homework. You see the psalmist with his heart wide
open saying to God, I know you know me. Wherever I go, you are there. He says search me and
see if there be any evil way in me and lead me in the way everlasting. When you allow God in
the cellar, the back room, the closet of your soul and ferret out everything there and fill you
with his Spirit and you say halleluiah. I got the fire of God in my spirit. It’s not consuming me.
The bush is there but the fire is there. It’s spiritual fire.

John the Baptist said he will baptize you with fire. We will have a Convention in August. I’m asking you to pray for that. It’s all about our new hearts and the fire from God. It will consume the foolishness in this world, and it builds us
up in the inner man. I think P. Scibelli is traveling in America this summer because he can’t
travel abroad. His wife said go back and forth to Perry Hall! No, I got to go to Texas and Florida
and Tennessee and Chicago. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered. Let’s bring the gospel,
the new heart and spirits with us….all over the country (He’s naming pastors). I could go on. I
bet I could get them all. If I forgot you, don’t worry about it. Get your heart right with God! See
God’s work in these days.



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