Get Rid of The Frame (Spanish)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11642
11:00 AM on 3/10/2019

P. Schaller

1 Cor. 2, this is a profound verse. Many of us are traveling to Europe this week, Poland, where we gather in Warsaw for what we call EURCON. P. Teplov and his church comes from Moscow, P. Risto and the Finns, P. Toll from Sweden, etc. I can go around Europe and give you names we know. Just like your neighbor here. We know about a thousand people in Europe. When we preach J.C., when he is preached and people believe they are saved, justified. We’ll speak this morning about sanctification. Keep us in prayer. The folks where we will have a full week. Keep us in prayer as we go there to fellowship and see what God is doing, what he is saying to the church. We have world missions in our hearts. The message to be all over the world. I mean literally. The mountains of Nepal, the deserts of Mexico, the villages of Latin America and Africa, the villages in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, and China. They are coming from Central Asia, Azerbaijan. This is amazing. We are all a team and drinking the same spirit.

vs. 14. The natural man. What does that mean? Ask your neighbor. We got a winner over here! The unregenerated man. Natural man. The unsaved man. The natural man. Our first birth we live a natural life. Where’s my pajamas? Where’s my breakfast? What job do you have? The natural man. Look at the verse. He doesn’t. When the spiritual man is speaking, the natural man can’t hear it. He’s not understanding it. It happened with Jesus. He was speaking and the Jewish people didn’t understand them.

He said that in Jn. 8:47 how is it you don’t understand my sayings? You don’t have my word in you. You are of your father. They said our father is Abraham and Jesus countered strongly, offensively, your father is the devil. That’s strong. Sometimes Jesus being strong with the audience was to get their attention. Be deeply and personally to draw them to truth and speak to them. When you go to the hospital and they say you have to have an MRI and you say, I don’t want to have an MRI. Then we can’t find out your real problem. I don’t want to have an MRI. It’s your decision. God wants to talk to the natural man but he doesn’t want to hear it. If he heard it, he wouldn’t understand. Amen.

Oliver is here today. Middle River, Oliver, showed up. Good to have you.

They are foolishness to him. It’s foolish. Going to church, foolishness. Being serious about the Bible, foolishness. Talking about God, foolishness. Having prayer meetings. They don’t mean anything. They don’t have priority. What does the natural man have a priority for? Himself. You know what’s important to him? His automobile or his shoes or her wardrobe, lotions, money, vitamins, health club. Come on! Get in shape! Lose weight, vitamins, long life, my children, and my house. But the things of God are foolishness. He doesn’t see any value in it. When you have the Spirit of God and start coming here and the Spirit starts speaking to you and affecting your heart and your new desires and leading you in faith, it’s one of the greatest things you could ever have in your life. It’s one of the greatest things that could ever happen in your life but it’s slow growing. It happens little by little. When you learn what God is saying to you, it has an effect and encourages you in your life. It does.

vs. 14. Neither can he know them. He can’t really know them because they are spiritually discerned. I’ve talked to people in my ministry through the decades and it seems they are not listening. They have no capacity. I’m not perfect and I don’t know all the time. I don’t want to say this but I’m going to. I don’t know all the time what I’m talking about. I’m not a perfect person but I do know there are times God speaks to us. Woe! That’s what I need. That I’ll take home to the bank. I got it. It’s a clear sound. This is how I’m going to live from faith to faith. Be patient with each other. Turn to your neighbor, and be patient with God.

We want to honor one of our brothers who passed to be with the Lord. We have a big church, not that big but every person is important. Every person is precious to God and to us and the Lord. God gives us the ability by his grace to know each other. In my heart I like to know everybody by name. Don’t find it strange if after you’re here a couple years I’m asking your name. I do that at the door. Visiting on Saturdays and going to homes spontaneously and spending a few minutes together. The Spirit of God spoke to this brother and brought him with us, Frank Barnett. He was with us about ten years (P. Jason shared about him).

Our message this morning is part 2 of last week on Sanctification. I’m going to draw a picture up here. We have this word justification. Important word in our Bible. Life is like this. Here’s a man. He’s an unbeliever. He’s in a category. He’s made in the image of God. God loves him and Christ died for him. He goes through life as a natural man and he dies one day. Where does he go? He’s lost. This is God’s business but as far as we understand in the Scripture, I cannot be justified without Christ. Neither is their salvation in any other. No other name given among men whereby we must be saved. I’m the Good Shepherd and I lay down my life for the sheep. All that came before me are thieves and robbers. I’m the Good Shepherd. There will be one flock and one shepherd. Man is like a thief and robber and religious people are also, but not Christ.

Christ hung on the cross not as a thief and robber but as the Savior to atone for our sin. When whoever believes, this is heaven, they are immediately justified. That means God legally declares them righteous while they are still on the earth. While I am a sinner, I’m declared by God to be righteous. This is fantastic. It’s in Rom. 3 and 4.

Rom 5:9 justified by his blood, the blood. There is no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood.

Heb. 9:23 The blood of Jesus gives us justification. He who knew no sin was made sin for us. That means substitution. He became sin in our place.

2 Cor 5:21 pretty amazing, made R by the grace of God. Is there a process here? How does it happen? I believe in one point in time, I put my trust in him.

Abraham did it in Ge 15:6. It was imputed to him. Calculated by God that this man is righteous. Imputed. LOGIZOMAI, calculated, imputed, the same word used for the believer when you believe. God says you are a righteous person. This is contradictory in the sense I am still a sinner while on this earth. I still have in my flesh a sin nature. Sometimes, you wake up in the morning and you’re a miserable, grumpy, guilty, wicked individual. How is it I’m a believer? You are. You are regenerated. When you believe, you have the nature of Christ in you. At the moment, you are living in your flesh. Adoption means you are in the family of God. Is he my Father when I’m living in unbelief? Yes. Is he my Father when I wake up and have a very bad day? He is still your Father. He can’t be any more or less your Father. He has sent his Spirit into you crying Abba, Father.

Gal 4:7. How long are you going to live? Bad days, good days. There will be a day when you are finished. When you are finished, where do you go? Heaven. Aren’t you already there? It says in the Scriptures we are seated in heavenly places though I am in my body. I am in the mind of God in his family. We are in the Son of God. We are in God. He has made us accepted in the beloved. We have all spiritual blessings. We are very secure in the realm of the reality of God having accepted us as his children. We are joined to each other even more strongly. We are called the Body of Christ. He is the head and we are members of his Body. Are we members of his body now? Yes, now. Later we go to heaven and later we are members of his Body. Later we will be perfect and accepted by God? No, we are accepted now. We are baptized into the Body. We are organically connected to God by the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit of God dwells in you. Who is the Holy Spirit? He is God. God is in you. This is Bible teaching. This is awesome. We have the Bible. You didn’t come to listen to P. Schaller’s opinion on things or some social commentary which wouldn’t be a bad thing to say or do. The Bible is teaching us doctrine. Doctrine gives us a mind. The natural man can’t discern the things of God.

The mind of Christ is 1 Cor. 2:16. We have the mind of Christ. We’ll, we’re not done. We haven’t started actually. Turn to your neighbor and say what is he talking about? One time I was sick and got on the airplane and fell asleep and I landed where I was supposed to go. When I got on the airplane, I wasn’t good, but I got in the plane. I got on the plane and ended up where I was supposed to go. Positional truth is God telling you before you get there, it’s a sure thing. You are there. You might fall asleep. You might be a little sick or very sick. In our position, the greatest gift can be given was given to each one of us. We are now in a world where there is a lot more than what you can see. We are in a body and it does not yet appear what we shall be.

When we see him, we shall be like him, 1 Jn 3:1. Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us that we should be called the sons of God. This is a great honor and privilege. Already we are the children of God and guaranteed by God our sanctification. This is the word with a crooked line in our life. This is called sanctification. This is what I want to speak about this morning. A good starting point is to understand the finished work. Your sanctification is understood that if God could do the heavy lifting, he can definitely change us and conform us to the image of his Son. What was harder to do? Take away our sin, justify us, and make us righteous in giving us his Son. Wouldn’t his Spirit in you produce holiness, new desires? Wouldn’t the H.S. sanctify us?

I used to live in Sweden. I was a pastor there. We had 19 different nationalities in our church. I was preaching about not going back to Egypt. I said don’t go back to Egypt. If you know your Bible, you know it’s a metaphor. The Jews came out as slaves and weren’t going back. You keep going with God into the Promised Land. An Egyptian man came up to me and said why can’t I go back? My parents, I’m supposed to go in six weeks.

When we are saved and the Spirit dwells in us, we have five things. We are talking about this history you have. The next years, days, months, whatever God gives you, there is a work of sanctification. Don’t go against God’s people but walk in your sanctification. Learn how to control your mouth and walk in your sanctification. Don’t live in your bad habits. Walk in your sanctification.

We had a brother here the other night and he said you can use me as an illustration. He said I have been addicted to pornography. I would read my Bible and say my prayers. I would go to the pornography site in the afternoon and spend five hours looking at it. I felt guilty but would go back reading my Bible and saying my prayers. The next day, the same thing. I would look at it for five hours. Every day I was addicted to this. He comes here. He said I want you to know your preaching is hitting me. It’s been five weeks since I haven’t looked at anything. I haven’t looked at it for five weeks. He said that’s like impossible but he said in one of your messages you said do the research on how pornography affects you. He said I did. He said I need something else but I don’t have the power. That’s what we are saying today.

This sanctification is such a real thing. The cross has broken the power of sin in my life and planted in me this other desire, this love, this desire, the Spirit of God. It’s real. I said to this brother, you know it’s real. That’s the thing I love about what you are saying. Nobody knows your problem but God does and you know now that Christ is stronger than your sin nature. Christ is stronger than our bad habits. You might say you don’t know about my life. I don’t need to. The same Christ that promised eternal life conforms you to the image of his Son. We are changed from glory to glory in 2 Cor 3:18. He does it by the Spirit of God.

1) Live by faith. If you live by faith, you’re going to please God. H.S. will minster to you. You have to make decisions by faith and not by sight. I went through my office looking for an empty picture frame we used as a prop but couldn’t find it. In our natural man, we put a frame around people. I know who that guy is. We put a frame around ourselves and it freezes us. We are frozen in the frame. We put a frame around the world and we say this is how it is. Or this is my life and I frame it. Change that. Get rid of the frame. The Spirit of God is greater and bigger than your frame. He leads us in spirit and truth and says you are not your sin. “My life is a disaster. You can’t believe it.” Okay, yeah, but sanctification from God means you’re not frozen there. Believe me. I am God. Do not limit God by your unbelief. Stretch it out. Get rid of the frame. Worship God. God, I’ll let you fill in the blank. Your life with Christ you can do all things. Your life, all things work for good. Your life, my grace will never fail you. You have a thorn in the flesh but my grace is greater. Your failure is not going to freeze you. I am God and you are my child. I didn’t make you to be frozen in your defeat and failure but to be conformed into the image of my Son. What about that? Paul was in prison and he could say, I am in prison. He was 8 years in prison. He could hang his head and say I’m a prisoner of the Roman Empire. Look at the food I got. The way I live. What did he say? He got rid of the frame. He says I’m a prisoner of the Lord. I am a prisoner of God. Paul, you’re nothing. You’re a throwaway. Who are you? Who am I? I am an ambassador. These are not inflated words. These are real words. I’m here in the name of Christ. I have a message for a far country. I’m called by his grace. God’s word is yeah and amen. I understand bitterness and defeat and my sin nature. That doesn’t have the power for us to define our life. There is another power and it’s the Holy Spirit. God himself and he’s conforming us to his Son. How do we get the faith, Rom 10:17? Faith comes by hearing. How many people in the first century knew how to read and write? But everybody knew how to hear. Hearing. Faith comes by hearing. Going to the church. Hearing. If I only go on Sunday and miss one Sunday, it’s a total of two weeks. A lot of devil talks in two weeks. Certain messages are in a timely way delivered to for my life and establish me and root me in my faith. Those messages are an important part of my life. We don’t know how long we will be here. Let’s redeem the time. We don’t know when Jesus is returning. Let’s redeem the time. We don’t know when our neighbor will pass away. Let’s redeem the time. Let’s have the joy and faith.

2) Desire. He sanctifies you by giving you new desires. Desire for God. Like the brother with the pornography and had the addiction. Something started to speak to his inner man. Are you sick and tired of that stuff yet? You can stop it. I have power over my sin nature. He said it was just believing and the power is broken. I’m free from it. I don’t even have the desire. I have met people who have lost the desire to smoke cigarettes after 30 years of smoking a pack a day. I have met people after they smell alcohol, they get sick. I met people who God delivered from things that are hard to explain. Sanctification is a very real thing. It happens in your life. I had a neighbor say to me, how do you do it? You take your garbage cans from the side of your house and carry them out to the street and it looks like you are happy? How do you do it? I don’t know what he’s talking about. He said do you take Prozac? Do you take a happy pill? I got so depressed I started taking medication, he goes. I don’t want to sound hyper-religious but I have to tell you Jesus Christ is real. Not only is he raised from the dead but he can be with you when you take the garbage cans from point A to B and put a smile on your face. He sanctifies you and you don’t have to gossip, swear and curse and be angry and miserable and complain about every darn thing! We are appointed for this time in history in an imperfect world.

3) Cross. “I like Spanish music. When I’m in the church I don’t hear it. I hear opera.” Not this church. I don’t have to have it my way. I take it to the cross and be quiet and be edified. I like my food this way. I don’t get it this way. I get cold oatmeal. I take it before God. Do you want me to eat the cold oatmeal? If you want to. That’s all you got. Okay, praise the Lord. The cross life. I don’t like when my kids are like that. I don’t like my wife, my car, my job, the country I live in. We are so filled with ourselves. It’s all about me. My way goes to the cross. Not my will but your will. It’s your stuff. I need you with me. If you are with me, I can go where ever. If you are with me, I will learn to make lemonade out of lemons. Remember the story of the mouse that fell in the bowl of milk and the mouse paddled around and the milk became butter so he walked out of it. I don’t know how real that is, but you just keep going. What could kill you ends up being alright. You are being conformed not to the image of the world but to the image of God. God never fails. God is for you. You become like God. You become like him. We have the Spirit of God in us.

4) The word. Wisdom. I need this wisdom. A lot of knowledge on our IPhones but a lot of foolishness on the You Tube and social media and Twitter accounts. There is a lot of foolishness. Be wise. You are being sanctified. We are hungry for an audience. Don’t be hungry for an audience. Be a humble servant. We don’t need to be at the center of everything. When God is at the center, life goes better. If his Spirit is with you, he will lead you. Don’t fall into adultery. Have a margin at work. I’m not alone with a woman unless it’s my wife. That’s really wise. The world is on fire. Politicians and everyone else in trouble because sex that is everywhere and then when you violate it, you go to prison or sued or lose this or that. The world is schizophrenic. I’m not nuts. I want to be wise with women and money and friendships and the world I live in. I want to be wise with the internet. If that stuff is affecting me in a bad way, knock it off. We are winning big time. It doesn’t matter how many likes or dislikes you got. What matters is God in heaven saying that’s my little guy down there. That’s my little girl down there. She is making it. She is gaining. She is making progress.

5) Body life. The Spirit of God amongst us as God’s people has a sanctifying effect. If I’m with you, you’ll help me in my joy, my wisdom, my direction. If I meet together with you, you’ll correct me without me knowing it. I’ll be inspired. I’ll get something the world can’t give me. Take your dream vacation and you can’t get it unless the Body of Christ is there. You can have vacation as God leads you. I don’t mean that. I’ve been in those places and I’m looking for the filling of the Spirit, the mind, the wisdom and the vision. Sorry to bring up the vacation thing. I think it’s a sticky point. You could put me in a perfect paradise and I’ll get antsy, hungry. I want to have fellowship. I don’t want to just be by myself. There is a good time to be alone in prayer and meditation and regrouping. Once that’s all done, I’m looking for vision and encouragement and the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is absolutely fantastic.


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