Learn of Him

He wants you to learn of Him. He has many things to teach you and to do for you, and He has a tremendous plan for your life. He as provided the Body of Christ and the assembly of believers as a place to be rooted, grounded, stabilized, healed and strengthened. He as provided other believers to bless you and he wants to make you a blessing to them. It is in the Body of Christ that we learn of Him – of His grace, His finished work, His plan and purpose, and it is there that we learn how to reach out to others in practical evangelism.

Jesus said seven times in the book of Revelation for each individual believer to “hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” It is hearing what the Holy Spirit teaches in the churches that causes us to consistently overcome in life and glorify the Lord Jesus in time (2).

There are many commandments that Jesus Christ has given but He first wants us to know that He has finished the work. When we fulfill these commandments, it will be God in us both willing and doing of His good pleasure (3).

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